A small question to Crypto Enthusiast !

in question •  last month 

There are lot of people who are here blogging for a very long time. They all know alot better about crypto currencies and blockhain technology.

Some might be working on these technologies for years and some might have great theoretical knowledge about all this stuff.

To all the people who are very senior in tye field of Blockchain technology i would like to ask them two basic questions and i want to ask it because i want to answer people who ask me that question.



So the questions are :

  1. What is a blockhain technology and what is it's use in real life ?

  2. What are cryptocurrencies ?

These are the two questions people ask me oftenly and i hope i will get some good answers from people who are expert in this field.

I will really appreciate a answer in simple language if possible. I also thanks in advance to people who will take their time out to answer my questions.

Thank you

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