Introducing the Quarashi Network, the Central Network for Cryptocurrency Adopters.

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In order to ensure complete privacy and anonymity for its users, Quarashi Network has built an all-encompassing mobile platform. Quarashi aims to become the world's most secure and private chat application by offering its Users can maintain their anonymity while sending and receiving conventional communications well as bitcoin trans with the usage of Tor.

Individuals and organisations have been seriously harmed in the past by the utter lack of privacy offered by the majority of prominent social networking platforms and messaging apps. Another problem is that third-party organisations buy sensitive information from individuals, steal their personal data and obtain access to private accounts.


Then there's the fact that most bitcoin wallets have a similar level of privacy threats. More than three-quarters of internet shoppers have put off or avoided making a purchase because they were worried about the potential impact on their privacy. While 84% expressed at least some level of concern about the lack of privacy offered by wallet addresses,

It is possible for malicious third parties to follow all transactions Most cryptocurrency wallets do not prioritise privacy over other considerations. There's a growing need for wallets that don't leave a trail of transactions that could be used by hackers or other undesirable actors.


The Quarashi Network enables private messages and transactions to be sent and received through an ecosystem. In addition, they have a clear vision that emphasises complete dedication, consistency, and respect for the privacy, data, and identity of their users. According to the developers of the Quarashi Network, "the right to privacy should not be viewed as an afterthought. It serves as the project's foundation and is the only thing that can't be changed. To ensure the safety and security of our customers, we must devote all of our resources to this goal. As a result of this ground-breaking initiative, individuals and corporations alike can restore their right to privacy and anonymity.


The Quarashi Network's most important components

The fundamental parts of Quarashi have been developed to be user-friendly and open to all cryptocurrency owners. The Quarashi Network Token powers all of them (QUA).

wallet and tradeQuarashi

Over 9000 cryptocurrencies can be sent or received safely with the entire multi-cryptocurrency and crypto-asset wallet solution. The Quarashi wallet is a safe place to Aave, Chainlink, and other cryptocurrencies can all be stored here. This technology eliminates the need for a middleman and allows for peer-to-peer transactions. Users will never be required to expose their private keys or assets when using Quarashi.

Privacy/anonymity chat room for Quarashi

Anonymity, privacy, and encryption are all guaranteed in this decentralised chat module.With this software, users can talk privately for the first time ever. There is no requirement for a phone number or an email address., and private messages are immediately deleted if they are not viewed or received within a predetermined period of time after they are delivered.

Innovations in technology

Quarashi Network is much more than a crypto wallet; it's a messaging platform. Quarashi has a slew of privacy-enhancing features, including end-to-end encryption (E2E), as well as a host of other options. For Quarashi, text messages and other files are encrypted using military-grade protocols and pre-keys tailored for mobile and multi-device messaging.

Before using Quarashi Network, You are not required to submit any personally identifiable information, such as your phone call or email.; instead, you simply log in with your username and password. Encrypted messages can be sent and received, and users can rest assured that their personal information is fully anonymous, private, and untraceable. It's important to note that the Quarashi Network does not have any trackers or backups.

Network Tokens of the Quarashi Network

The QUA token is the fuel for the Quarashi Network's native digital asset ecosystem. This digital money is based on ethereum (ERC-20) and is deflationary, fairly issued, and completely transparent. The Quarashi platform makes use of the multi-functional token.

Traditional chat and crypto wallet features are combined into a single app with the use of the QUA token, which ensures complete privacy and anonymity for users.

The development team of Quarashi Network will work relentlessly to ensure that they meet their goals and expand their community. With each successive release of major updates to the growing community, the team has been successful in unlocking great features and offerings. This trend is expected to continue.

There is now an Android version of the Quarashi Network app in the Google Play Store.

Sales of Tokens and Distribution

At any given time, only 1,000,000,000 tokens are available at any given time. On August 1, 2021, the token pre-sale began. QUA tokens cost $0.018 each at this stage. The pre-sale allocation is 28,000,000 QUAs.

Min and Max Presale Allocations

100-2000 USDT +0.1-0.3 BTC = 0.1-0.5 Ethereum

Distribution of tokens

Amount per round: 2.2%

The Amount Sold in a Private Sale: 2.8%

35% is the amount offered.

There is 10% liquidity.

12% of the group

Marketing accounts for 18% of total revenue.

Reserves equal 5% of total assets.

15% is the percentage of development.

It's Quarashi's storey.

Next-generation private chat, decentralised Quarashi's one-stop shop includes an exchange, a blockchain-based user - friendly interface for a multi-chain crypto wallet, as well as an IDO launchpad. With Quarashi, you can rest easy knowing that your data is completely safe and secure.

Media Contact
Quarashi Network Co.
Contact: Media Team
BTT USER NAME: cryptobadshah
WALLAT ADDRESS: 0x67e47553439CAF6D7243f2d10fe52AC90f49aa97

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Next-generation private chat, decentralised Quarashi's one-stop shop includes an exchange, a blockchain-based user - friendly interface for a multi-chain crypto wallet, as well as an IDO launchpad

The Quarashi Network enables private messages and transactions to be sent and received through an ecosystem.