Transmitter update: 0.2.3 - Price feed update

in python •  3 years ago 

With the recent commit f33aebe2, transmitter started supporting HIVE blockchain.

Regarding price feed updates, I have only Bittrex adapter enabled at the moment. As other exchanges support HIVE, I'll be also updating the adapters in newer versions.

Quickstart (w/ Docker)

  • Clone the repository
$ git clone
$ cd transmitter

  • Fill the configuration
$ vim config.json.docker

Minimum config.json.docker example:

    "WITNESS_ACCOUNT": "emrebeyler",
    "SIGNING_KEY": "<private_signing_key>",
    "NODES": ["", ""],
    "MARKETS": ["bittrex"]
  • Build the image
$ docker build -t transmitter .
  • Run transmitter
$ INFO:transmitter.main:Connecting to the blockchain using mainnet.
$ INFO:transmitter.main:Got the SIGNING_KEY in the config file.
$ INFO:transmitter.main:Got the WITNESS_ACCOUNT in the config file.
$ INFO:transmitter.main:Got the MARKETS in the config file.
$ INFO:transmitter.pricefeed.adapters.base:BittrexAdapter: Price: 0.2148
$ INFO:transmitter.main:Prices: [0.2148]
$ INFO:transmitter.main:Base price: 0.215 SBD, Quote price: 1.000 STEEM
$ INFO:transmitter.main:Operation broadcasted.

Transmitter also lets you enable/disable/set witness properties. If you want to see the other possible options, check the repository's README file.

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