When you forget to!

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Again after just a donation (2)


I went from
It will be just another kids
Undo selected then do bad.

In both good luck
Merit is to be safe.

Good luck
The tasks are difficult to distinguish

Despite thinking that we should be justified ... increased jobs

If rewards
You have to know exactly the future.
But this time
Difficult to be able to fix it.

When I have to go
I did all the merit / demerit
Kan has been both good for you
Do not forget what your emotion.

The fire in the fire-how
In order to process
Keep all the noble
The need to keep trying
I want you to know.

# Sacred honor brown monk.

After the person is dead

(1) The heart is up to ten minutes

(2) of the brain for up to twenty minutes

(3) Eye-four hours

(4) The skin is five days

(5) bone that is up to thirty days,

Go dead

(3) days after the nail enamel

(4) days after the hair 

(5) days after the brain fluid happy

(6) days after the gastric fluid in the mouth and the tall door drain

(60) days after the bone was dry enough for meditation, so nothing left except !!!!!

# Person who died two donation can donate it again.


Donating your body is able to donate corneas.

Death is no longer worth the body will burn ash falling donated where the same benefits could receive this donation, the light and visually impaired customers to own gift donated corneas are touch-sensitive.

(Within 4 hours) after a person can donate corneas.

If desired, it can continue to donate body after donating to visit these places. For a list of names of donors and donors who have donated see my self found.

I know some related shortages, will also be offered. My car died Embrace your body can no longer use value even with no clear benefit as possible after completion of the places that will be able to donate.

Designed for those who want to donate unknown advisers urged campaigners. {Donation empty gift-donation under} (Note - desire a sense of trust has the right to freely vary >>>) {not sure life assured someone on the "death"} {Do not have your pin before you can rely  from your shadow in the darkness comes, I would leave you.

Can not forget to death is the inevitable period of increased land of fun and deep end when I was very afraid of dying before he died, even across time to do the most good things I can usually do not like to go to church and serve those who wait in the world, they do not say a lot Because they are afraid of love filled the world enough to learn, so that life does not end because the extreme men of God had already made with lots of one to be seen with the naked eye to see things change message about eating non steemit friends persuaded content yes something has occurred in the measured steemit As well, before I go to meet this promise, effectively and efficiently with the other parts of his deadbody merit and others can call police to help with the parts of the body surfaces are some famous artists, writers, and the latest efforts to help those who can physically admire

Why or why Daily inspection (Autopsy)

Check if (Autopsy)

In exactly one, the outcome of the internal spy Autopsy meaning of the word is derived from Greek and Latin language autopsia. One died when he wanted to know the cause of death, This patient died due to this disease are being inspected to prove when it comes. From about the 17th century in conjunction with Autopsy, a vocabulary test and use.

Until the late 18th century Autopsy Anatomy lessons on where to find reasons why it kills it, but if it was low. Until the 20th century, hospitals and legal test in the field of medical assets. Autopsy test apart from this period, he had been using Necropsy instead.

The doctors began the operation Autopsy 2000 classic said. The earliest test for example, in 44 BC, Roman doctor if vomiting on a steel whisk for Autopsy. Surgery of the body Romans Jewish fan king is Caesar's body with a knife. The bodies of Jewish origin Lee fan, which injected 23 and was found injured. Caesar died out because the last injected lung engraved knife wounded, he was able to prove that.

1410  Catholic Church of Alexander Pope dies (No. 5) became the body of toxins, Check to determine if. Although the document has survived. Autopsy is strongly forbidden, Islam, Shinto Greek, auto docs are Christians.

The death toll from a patient's body to verify permission. Mao called Reed (mortuary) to check if a specially constructed extinguish the wayside public resthouse  Explore medically necessary surgery for Pathology Faculty of Medicine, the doctors (Pathologists) on behalf of the entire organization creates .. Later, the death toll not search the body itself in the identification process is a separate Autopsy and Forensic Medicine.

Pathology Autopsy doctors since the mid-19th century, when it should be how to ensure systematic operation, you must look for a place, Program to learn how to be surgically cut etc. in relation to exercise care. When surgical experience what appears to have been killed when regular status, What illnesses are able to analyze the situation.

In the late 20th century when it came to two death Autopsy Service began using a diagnostic method. Patients are given anesthesia disease from the body, Advanced imaging technology rise to improved diagnostic techniques such as low to cause the death of patients without those critical.

In the period since Autopsy Pathology doctor than the area of ​​legal experts in the industry will continue to exist only in the field conditions. In patients thought to yourself Suicide toll check for the witch, who are required to punish areas continued to remain wide.

And when you die ...

I build and grow small plants.
Even in the shadow of public dwelling
Going to stick ...

Fruits to plant fruit trees
To eat, he won the International
Nutrition will leave as well ..

I repaired the pedestrian street
I'll never leave benefits are

The contributions of the church,
Monastery pilgrimage to the service of God,
Agencies are going to stick ..

I built the house for other people
I'll leave as asylum,

I love left fumes
The world remain as ...

You can go for the other
You can not see nor hear,
You will be placed above all things,
Will result in ...

During the inevitable moments alive
The tree was planted ...
Grow fruit trees, flowers, plants
Road repair
Granted as gifts
Home Improvement leave
True love leave
Rose legend

Thanks for allowing the contents appearing imaginary Thanks steemit

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