Email from Krissy Smith's mother - ANOSOGNIA - Munchhausen by Proxy

in psychiatricsurvivor •  2 years ago 

Mar 20, 2017, 4:47 PM
to me,

The only one who doesn't know you have a mental illness is you. I have read about anosognosia before and realize that you truly don't know. Dr. Kahn wrote it in her evaluation.
I believe you are in a remission stage right now and are thinking clearer. When you are in a active stage, you are totally closed to the possibility that anything could be wrong with you. Everyone else is the problem. Unless you are in the care of a Psychiatric Dr. or nurse who recognizes that you are going into a manic phase and prevents it with medication, you are most likely going to repeat the destructive behaviors that have caused pain to you and those you love.

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Nyla Chaudhary
Holy crap.
These people are amazing.
I just looked that up.
Did you hit yourself head? Have a stroke?
Where did your mother get her medical degree?
Who is this doctor Katz?
I’d stay away from these people and go no contact.
They will only continue to drag you down.
Once people are convinced you have a mental illness and part of your mental illness is that you are so fucked in the head you don’t even know it, there’s nothing you can do to stop that crazy train. Hahahahaha it’s already left the station my dear. It’s chug chugging right along and the louder you yell IM NOT CRAZY everyone else just cringes and thinks “oh yes she is.” Hahahaha it’s the greatest irony of life.
You, the person in your own head does not get to decide if you in fact are crazy. It’s the people that hate and despise you that have an incentive -namely the children that you HAD a natural right to that they now want- to slander and smear your name that join forces and call you insane and that’s just it. You are therefore forever labeled bi-polar and so bat shit crazy that you don’t even know it. Lolololol hahahahaha oh isn’t life grand? Don’t you just love America and PEOPLE and family and isn’t being a parent such a fucking joy?

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