Cierra writes for Krissy to have Childrens' Voice's Heard

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To whom this concerns;

My name is Cierra. I have known Kristine for quite some time now. I believe it has been 5 years now! We have talked so
many times in regards to being mothers.
I have a family of 7. My fiancée and I have been raising our 5 young sons together. My family has been homeless before
after the untimely death of my beloved mother in law!
When we had nowhere else to go, Kristine would not take “no” for an answer. Her heart was huge and so full of genuine
love! We finally did say yes and moved into her beautiful home!
She allowed us to stay there and gave us some space between home and the death of our matriarch. She was very
empathetic and accepted my large family as her own. Even the addition of brand new twin boys who were only months
old at the time.

But enough about me, I am writing in regards to Kristine Smith. I was blessed enough to see how she interacts with her
own children on many occasions! In case you did not know or notice, her children “adore” her!!!! Her daughters face and
youngest son always light up with their mother! Kristine as a mother is not anything to be weary of! Not by any means.
She would never hurt her children and would not intentionally put them in any harm. She’s human. She’s a woman. She’s
a mother! As a mother, I understand the hurt and pain. I am a foster child myself. It was not fair for the courts to not even
recognize a child to have a voice! To not have an opinion. My voice was not heard and my cries went unnoticed because I
was a child. It hurt me and my siblings more in the long run. We all are now adults but the scars and medication that my
brother now has to take daily for PTSD is unreal and could have been avoided!
I have been through the ringer with the courts, from the time I was 12 until I signed my self out of a group home at 19 on
my high school graduation day. I could not imagine ever losing my children. That is a mothers worst nightmare. We are
supposed to be there for the coughs in the night. We are the protectors of their feelings! We are their nurturers. Kristine is
not crazy or delusional or anything of that nature. She is hurt. She is heartbroken. She feels lost because everything that
her life has become since giving birth to her first child was altered drastically! It was sudden and brutal! As a mom, what
do you do next in her situation? Where do you go from there?

You do not know me. I understand that. I am just a mom. I am just a friend of “Krissy”. I love my children whole heartedly
and have always taught them “love first”. It doesn’t matter who is who and what they may or may not do, love comes first!
I would never hurt any child. With that being said, I know that Krissy would not be a danger to her own kids! Ask them?
They are old enough. She is the mom who will plan the most awesome adventure ever! The mom who will watch all the
movies with her kids and a big bowl of popcorn all snuggled together. She just wants the simple desire of having
conversations with her daughter as she grows. To be able to brush her hair and comfort her when needed. She just wants
to be a mother again!

Please consider that maybe she is just hurt. I know that to be the case. I have seen her break down and cry over her
children. She is lost without them. She brought three humans in this world and her life became them! How can anyone
snatch that away from a mother as dedicated as she? Of course she’s hurt. Her whole life was flipped upside down in no
time at all and with little effort. That is not fair.

Don’t hurt the kids. Please consider this note.
She saved my family. My children adore her.
I’ve watched her with my children. Camping and riding bikes and making chocolate milk in the middle of the night!
Sneaking extra whip cream on top of the hot chocolate she just made with them.
My boys adore Aunt Krissy! She is their fun Aunt! They would take walks and she would bandage boo boos for them with
so much care(as needed with boys lol)!

If Kristine is nothing else in this world, I cannot sit back and deny the fact that she is a mother.
She is the most empathetic and compassionate person I have met lately.

The world needs more of that!
People like Krissy are not harmful. It is not in her.

The world needs more of that!

Thank you so much for your time! Have a great day!


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