SPONSORSHIP OFFER - I am pleased to announce the latest 100 Steem Sponsorship Offer this time going to @ripon0630 to help promote the October Steem Graphics Month and reward Graphic Designers producing Steem Graphics for On-line Promotional Campaigns.

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#Promo-Steem - Helping to Support #Steem Promoters around the World through Sponsorships - Supporting @ripon0630 as part of the October #Steem Graphics Month Campaign - Sponsoring "Promo-Steem Resteem Contest" x2

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Sponsorship Offer to @ripon0630 as part of the October #Steem Graphics Month Campaign

It gives me absolute great pleasure to announce the latest 100 #Steem Sponsorship Offer this time going to @ripon0630 to help promote the October #Steem Graphics Month and reward Graphic Designers producing some awesome #Steem Graphics for future On-line #Steem Promotional Campaigns.

"Promo-Steem Resteem Contest" x2

This Sponsorship Offer of 100 #Steem is to cover the cost of Prize Money for x2 new and exciting Contests to encourage more users to #Resteem as many #Promo-Steem posts as they possibly can.

Sponsorship Offer

The Sponsorship Offer to @ripon0630 is to help support and promote Graphic Designers producing #Steem Graphics for On-line Promotional Campaigns throughout the month of October as follows...

  1. One-off single payment of 100 #Steem

  2. Sponsorship to go towards the Prize Money to be paid out by @ripon0630 to cover x2 #Resteem Contests

  3. The title of the x2 Contests will be called "Promo-Steem Resteem Contest" (#1) and (#2)

  4. Participants in the Contests will be asked to #Resteem as many #Promo-Steem Promotional posts for 5 days

  5. Winners of the x2 Contests will be those that #Resteem the most Posts and selected by @ripon0630

  6. Five Winners of each Contest will receive 10 #Steem each winner. (5 x 10 = 50 #Steem)

  7. There will be x2 #Resteem Contests throughout October with each #Contest distributing 50 #Steem. (2 x 50 = 100 #Steem)

  8. @ripon0630 to provide post #Contest updates and statistics every day

  9. Winners will be announced by @ripon0630 within 2 days of the closing 5 day period of each #Contest

  10. Daily update and statistic reports produced by @ripon0630 to include the SK logo, reference to the October #Steem Graphics Month Campaign including the #Steem Graphics Month Campaign logo as shown below and include the following...

    a. SK logo
    b. PromoSteem Community logo
    c #Promo-Steem tag
    d. Reference to #Steem
    e. #Steem logo
    f. #Steemit logo (followed by the words "steemit.com")
    g. Reference to the October #Steem Graphics Month including logo (see below)

  11. The #Promo-Steem tag to be used in the first x5 tags to ensure all entries to the Contest

  12. SK to help promote the Contests by @ripon0630 on #Steemit and Twitter

  13. This Sponsorship is for the distribution of 100 #Steem in the month of October.

  14. Should the x2 Contests prove to be a success, an Option for an Agreement to extend beyond the distribution of the first 100 #Steem over the first x2 Contests if both parties agree

Free-to-Use SK logo *.png

SK logo (static round) transparent edge.png

Free-to-Use Graphic promoting October #Steem Graphics Month

October Steem Graphics Month

#OneHundredSteem Sponsorship Acceptance

If the Sponsorship Offer is of interest to @ripon0630 and he would like to proceed with the Offer, I will transfer the 100 #Steem over to his account and announce the Sponsorship.

Looking forward to being able to continue to support @ripon0630 and the work he is doing as much as I can.

Further Sponsorships

I will be announcing further Sponsorships over the next few days and I look forward to sharing these with you.

Thanks again for reading.


#Promo-Steem - Launching the October #Steem Graphics Month to help bring #Steem alive on Social Media and On-line #Steem Promotions

October Steem Graphics Month

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Thank you sir for making me eligible for sponsorship. I hope this resteem contest will have a lot of positive effects. There has never been such a contest on Steemit before . Through this contest I want to bring the promosteem to the attention of all users. I will post the sponsorship agreement as soon as possible.Thank you again sir ❤️


I will confirm the announcement of the Sponsorship later today and transfer the 100 #Steem over to your Wallet at the same time.

Looking forward to supporting the Contests.

Thanks again for everything you are doing in supporting the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem and #Steemit and helping to promote the #Promo-Steem Project.


It's my pleasure sir❤️

Dear mentor @stephenkendal like I always say your kind gesture, contribution and rewards toward steemit/steem promotion is second to none... you're indeed a passionate and lovely individual who is striving always and thinking outside the box to make this steemit ecosystem better for all. I strongly believe if most people that have your kind mentality come together we will achieve much better .
Let me say a big congratulation to @ripon0630 for worthy of the sponsorship offer which will help greatly as earlier mentioned in supporting and promoting Graphic Designers producing #Steem Graphics for On-line Promotional Campaigns throughout the month of October.

Dear @stephenkendal I'm honestly waiting to participates in the Contests that I will be asked to #Resteem as many #Promo-Steem Promotional posts for 5 days!

Thank you.

This #contest will give a huge support to promoters and the #promo-steem project. By this #contest many users will be encouraged to #RESTEEM the #promo-steem blogs what will support promoters very much and it will also help on promoting #steem. @ripon0630 has really find a great way to increase the promotional activities on #steemit. I want to thanked him and Thanks a lot to you for this sponsorship.

Thanks for your compliment brother

This is the easiest way to promote #steem to #resteem the #steem promotional posts and everyone who want to make this platform better and involved with this platform should do this simple task to promote #steem. This is an easy way to promote #steem but very effective and useful for the #promo-steem project. I hope this #contest will make a good habit of sharing promotional posts. Thank you for another valuable sponsorship.


Cheers to @ripon0630 for this new sponsorship, this Resteem contest looks pretty good. I am sure that the number of subscribers in #promo-steem has increased, as well as the number of sponsorships, it would be good if a graph was taken where it could be seen more clearly how this project is gaining more life day by day.


Few days ago you told to upvote and #resteem that posts what you #resteem and this is the great opportunity for them want to help the #promo-steem project in less time and efforts. I think the rule of this #contest should depend on that blag of you. You always #resteem that blogs what are important for the #promo-steem project and we should vote and #resteem that posts. I used to do this and I will do this from now. Thank you.

Thank you and thanks again for all your support.

Hopefully these x2 Contest should help more to focus on the added value of resteeming quality promotional content.


  ·  9 months ago (edited)

It was really a great ideas to organize a #contest of #RESTEEM #promo-steem posts. It will help to spread the #promo-steem project all over the #steemit. I always try to #RESTEEM promotional blogs to reach this project among all of #steemit users. It was really very interesting #contest and very easy to participate. Thank you so much for your sponsorship on this interesting #contest.
I would like to organize another #contest of sharing #Steem Graphic Design on Tweeter #contest if I get your support.

It will help to spread the #promo-steem project all over the #steemit.

It was really very interesting #contest and very easy to participate.

Nailed it on both points.

These are x2 very easy Contests to take part in and the results for the #Promo-Steem Project could be spectacular.


It was an amazing #contest and I am going to participate this #contest though I'm doing this from before to #resteem promotional blogs. There are many promotional blogs are being posted on #promo-steem but not all of the blogs are #steem promotional. I will try to #resteem every #steem promotional blogs not only for this #contest but also to help promoting #steem. Thank you.

There are many promotional blogs are being posted on #promo-steem but not all of the blogs are #steem promotional

Sadly this is very true and why it takes me ages to get through every post tagging #Promo-Steem.

Hopefully these Contests will filter out those posts that are not actually promoting #Steem but using the #Promo-Steem tag to get attention.

If the Contests go the way I think they will then the results for #Promo-Steem and those that are truly promoting #Steem through the Project could be spectacular.


Yes. This #contest will help to filter the promotional blogs of #promo-steem hash tag and it will attract #steemit users to #promo-steem project.

Good luck brother

Congratulations to my teammate @ripon0630 for having such kind support from sir SK. I wish him grand success on #promo-steem project. He really working hard to design awesome gigs and I'm honored to invite him for this. Hope he will make us proud as promo-steem supporter.

thank you @shohana1 .. you has been helping me in various ways since the beginning of my Steemit journey.Anyway, if I start praising him, I will never finish writing with this short comment ..❤️

Two things that blows my mind on this @stephenkendal promo steem contest is the compensation plan of this contest and it's positive futuristic effect on steem block chain . I tell you, by the time this thing we are cooking together is done, all of us will definitely going to have a nice meal.

@ripon0630 Congratulations, #promo-steem your responsibilities increased through sponsorship. Hopefully you will fulfill your responsibilities well.
Thank you very much sir for giving one more sponsorship.

Welcome to October, Mr. @stephenkendal, this is a good start to prepare yourself for promotions with your SK Promotions.

Stay consistent, keep working hard to support #Promo-Steem Promoters or Troops of Promoters around the World.

Best regards, greetings from us Indonesian youth. STEEM ON!

@ripon0630 Congratulations to you, This has increased your responsibility to promote #steemit. I hope you will fulfill your responsibility by promoting #Steem in a very beautiful way.

Many congratulations to @ripon0630 on getting sponsorship. Hope you will work hard to promote steem

Shared on my Twitter account @Bregade2020, on my Telegram handle @Bregade2020 and on my WhatsApp group at bestbiz global. We are winning , a lot of people are now becoming aware of steemit ecosystem via this steem promo contest. Let's keep on pushing until the final whistle is blown which by then , steem coin will be around $100 per coin.

I really support you, because you never get tired of promoting steem, thank you to you for encouraging us all.

This idea will be proved very great for the promo steem. You are providing opportunities in a way people are getting involved in the steem promotion. Nevertheless these contests are very effective, people are participating in huge numbers.

Shared on Twitter.

Please help to support the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem and #Steemit by sharing your Blogs to Social Media.




Congratulations to you....

Thank uh very much for this very initiative.
This will be of great help.