Should more focus now be placed on Marketing and Promoting Steem in 2019?

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#Promo-Steem Battle Bus


Marketing and Promoting #Steem in 2019

Since rolling out the #Promo-Steem initiative tag back in 2017 there has been an overwhelmingly support for the initiative with a huge variety of Promotional Projects and Promotional Initiatives around the World.

It has been an absolute pleasure to see the #Promo-Steem initiative grow.

Maintained, developed and supported

However, as with any promotional initiative, it has to be maintained, developed and supported.

As we all begin to wind down for the Christmas Holidays, I wanted to reach out to the #Steem Community and ask, is there enough being done or should more focus be placed on Marketing and Promoting #Steem in 2019?

2019 is set to be another great year for #Blockchain Technology

2019 is set to be another great year for the development of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger type Projects and the #Steem Blockchain and it's associated #Dapps are no exception.

In fact, I would say, that as we have a "battle proven" #Blockchain in place unlike our competitors is now the time to think about a #Promo-Steem "Battle Bus"..!!

#Promo-Steem Battle Bus


7.5m x 4.0m full HD digital display

With a 7.5m x 4.0m full HD digital display and a welcome reception and presentation monitors inside, this #Promo-Steem Battle Bus would be perfect parked up in any busy City Centre, outside a Football Stadium on Match Day or infront of a University or College.


Since rolling out #Promo-UK in the Spring of 2017, I have tried to focus people's attention on the term "Route-to-Market".

Route-to-Market is a Marketing and Promotional term that simply identifies a marketing method that you can apply for taking a product to market.

With a #Promo-Steem Battle Bus like this, we could effectively hit our target audience with pinpoint accuracy.

In essence, hit a bullseye on our Market everytime..!!

Thanks again for reading.


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I feel you, but at this point it's almost like we have to get our biz plan straight again... last year was the time to be more welcoming... now that the ship is half busted, it's about righting the ship

but yeah, a little bit of spice makes the soup tasty, marketing is always an ongoing item of concern.

I think so! Im based in Leeds, so many artists here! Students etc! Good target audience I think??

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