Promo-Steem Bus. Marketing and Promoting the Steem Blockchain, Community, Businesses, Projects & Dapps. (Short video).

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#Promo-Steem - Marketing and Promoting the #Steem #Blockchain, Community, Businesses, Projects & #Dapps

#Promo-Steem - Promoting the #Steem Ecosystem

This is a big shout-out to the #Steem Community.

I wanted to share with you an update on the Project I am working on with the Advertising Agency specialising in Mobile Digital Advertising.

Earlier on today, I popped over to see how the slides looked like on the Bus.

This is one of the videos I took.


Once again a massive thank you to everyone in the #Steem Community who have supported this new and existing #Promo-Steem Project.

Thanks again for reading and watching.




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Taking a second look at this, it would be so distracting for motorists to see something like this. I love that the Steem Monsters visuals look so fantastic on the side of the bus.

Stephen you are taking Steem Promotion to the next level!!! =D

This is amazing. You should be receiving 'up votes' from the WHOLE Steemit community and in particular @steemmonsters you have 'free advertising' here. Come on @Ned I don't see your vote - why????? Yvonne

Great promo! here have my 100% upvote to support you!

Awesome job! Are you aware of Partiko? It's a really well built Steem app and is the best mobile interface for Steem! Is there a chance we could work together?

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I put a shout-out a few weeks ago and got no response.

I picked Steem Monsters because they were the only ones that came back to me.

The Digibyte Community flooded me with requests, but nothing from the Steem Community.

I am happy to work with anyone.


I'm ready for that. But in what way a layman like me can work with you?

Wow, that is awesome! Great work Stephen!

Thank you. I appreciate the support. Stephen

Wow - that really grabs the attention! So cool to see Steem presented on a huge bus like this. Great work!!!

Just amazing. Tremendous efforts Stephen

This post has been included in today's SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

That's really awesome @stephenkendal. I have often thought that Steem needs far more exposure. Putting Steem on the side of a bus is great.

I'm not really up to scratch with this intiative but if I walked past that truck as an outside I'd just be confused and walk off, is that necessarily important in this case?