October Steem Graphics Month - Day 21. T-10 days. (Last daily update of the Campaign)

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#Promo-Steem - Promoting and Supporting #Steem Digital Marketing Material - T-10 days. (Last daily update of the Campaign)

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October #Steem Graphics Month - Day 21. (Last daily update of the Campaign)

As the October #Steem Graphics Month moves into Day 21, it is with a heavy heart that today I have decided to make this daily update the last update of the Campaign.

These last 21 days have been absolutely awesome to see so many great new Graphic Designers share with us their superb artistic and creative skills and it has been my pleasure to support as many of you as I can with a 100% Upvote and #Resteem.

Background of the Campaign

Prior to Day 1 and the launch of the Campaign I explained the background of the October #Steem Graphics Month as a Campaign to bring together as many Graphic Designers into one place to allow them the opportunity to showcase their creative skills in producing #Steem Graphics.

The idea was to focus in and to gauge the appetite of the #Steem Community as to whether I or the #Promo-Steem Project were the right tools to launch a mammoth On-line #Steem Promotional Campaign in 2022.

Though the Campaign attracted a small number of new Graphic Designers that I may not otherwise have met, the number of new Graphic Designers fell way short of the numbers I was hoping to see.

Testbed for the 2022 mammoth On-line #Steem Promotional Campaign

Set up as a testbed for the proposed 2022 On-line #Steem Promotional Campaign, the October #Steem Graphics Month was to see how the #Steem Community would support such a Campaign.

During the Campaign I have been gauging the desire and appetite for this kind of Marketing Material and though the standard of Graphics that have been shared has been exceptionally high I have been somewhat slightly disappointed in the willingness to support the hard work that I know these Graphic Designers are doing.

The numbers I have in mind are absolutely staggering

It was by Day 16 of the Campaign when I realised that the numbers I have in mind that we will need to carry out the proposed 2022 On-line #Steem Promotional Campaign were going to fall so far short of the numbers that have embraced this Campaign.

The numbers I have in mind for the 2022 On-line #Steem Promotional Campaign are absolutely staggering which led me to ask on Day 16 whether I or the #Promo-Steem Project were the right tools to spearhead such a mammoth Campaign next year.


After 21 days I have sadly concluded that neither I nor the #Promo-Steem Project has the firepower to pull off such a mammoth On-line #Steem Promotional Campaign in 2022.

There are many more Accounts and Projects that have a greater support from the #Steem Community and I look forward to supporting them if an On-line #Steem Promotional Campaign is proposed.

20,000,000 #Steem Power

With a current circulating supply of approximately 400,000,000 #Steem I strongly believe that an On-line Global Marketing Campaign to Market #Steem should have an aggregate and combined firepower of around 20,000,000 #Steem Power to support such a colossal task.

To put this into perspective, that would be the equivalent to approximately x150 Stephen Kendal's.!!

20,000,000 #Steem Power is roughly 5% of the circulating supply of #Steem and I do believe that without a collective effort in pooling this kind of concentrated firepower to focus on delivering a Community Driven On-line Global Marketing Campaign for #Steem then I truly believe we are going to miss a golden opportunity.

Massive Thankyou

Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to say a Massive Thankyou to everyone who took part in the October #Steem Graphics Month and shared with us all your awesome #Steem Graphics.

You guys are truly amazing and it has been my utmost pleasure to support you as much as I can.

Going forward I will continue to Upvote and #Resteem as many #Steem Graphics as I possibly can on #Steemit and Retweet on twitter as many *.gifs and Graphics that are tweeted.

Thanks again for reading.


#Promo-Steem - October #Steem Graphics Month to help bring #Steem alive on Social Media and On-line #Steem Promotions

RESTEEM steemit blog.png

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Good day Stephen,

I was reading one of your Twitter tweets about NFTs.

And an idea popped into my mind. In the future "coupons" of all kinds will be NFTs. The NFT coupons could be programed with an expiration date if not redeemed before that date.

Thank you for you tweet that inspired that thought today!

Have a great day!
Steem on,

[Shared tweet]

Wait until merchants learn about Proof of Stake (POS) and how transactions on the #Tron blockchain can be free and fast like cash. What is 5% of the GDP for any one nation? That is what retailers are leaving on the table using traditional credit card transactions.

[Your idea]

And an idea popped into my mind. In the future "coupons" of all kinds will be NFTs. The NFT coupons could be programed with an expiration date if not redeemed before that date.

Nailed it.!!

This is exactly what I have been banging on about for years.

PoS coins in the form of tokens would revolutionise economies around the World and is something that I have been pushing now for at least 4 years.

As a PoS coin #Steem is absolutely perfect for creating a "expiry date utility token" to be used in Social Media.

As you know, I have been trying to push the marketing and awareness of #Steem over the years, but have failed miserably.

#Steem is sat on a gold mine, but sadly the appetite to promote #Steem to it's ultimate potential is simply not there.

Thanks again Mike for everything you have done over the years in supporting my work.

You are a true gentleman.



You have done an excellent job over the years promoting #Steem and the #Steem eco-system.

You have inspired a loyal group of talented people to also promote #Steem. I know this because over the past year I have been upvoting the promo posts of these talented individuals.

When #Steem started there were a lot fewer blockchains in the world. Now there are so many blockchains it is easy to get lost in the noise. Your #promo-steem efforts have ensured that the #steem blockchain is not lost in the noise.

Remember we are all still early adopters. Global adoption is coming and is likely going to coincide with the economic and currency collapse you forsee.

I can honestly say that you have inspired a community and changed the lives of many people around the world.

Hats off to you sir for all you have done, are doing, and will continue to do!

Steem on,


Thanks Mike, I really appreciate the support.

I have tried so hard over the past +5 years to push the message out about the importance of allocating a proportion of the rewards pool to the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem but have failed miserably.

Despite presenting numerous proposals over the years on how this could easily be achieved, I have constantly been up against a brick wall in getting this message across.

All the proposals have been published on the #Steem blockchain and available for everyone to see.

On top of all this and despite throwing thousands of dollars out of my own pocket in helping to support the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem I have sadly come to the conclusion that the appetite to Market #Steem is simply not there.

I will continue to support as many as I can going forward, but I cannot do this indefinitely.

These last couple of years have been a tremendous challenge fighting against the corona hoax scam and now that everything is out in the open, I am hoping that more will now turn to #Steem moving forward.

Thanks again Mike for your loyal support over the years.

I truly appreciate it.

Have a great weekend.


I have been following your tweets on the "corona hoax scam". You are absolutely right. It was all about fear and control, no matter how many died needlessly or deliberately.

As far as the great reset and how much money was printed and distributed around the world, you may want to see the following video:
Over $90 trillion USD printed (digitally or otherwise) and distributed around the world.

You are very right that people will be upset when they know the full truth of what has and is happening.

Steem on,

Thanks mike.

I called this from day one back in January 2020.

There was never any health issues and there was certainly no pandemic.

This was always about debt and a financial crash.

Sadly though, two years on we now have a serious health problem that has been manufactured.

What is coming is going to be absolutely catastrophic and my thoughts and prayers are with all the victims, families, friends and loved ones of those that got swept along with the scam.

It is going to be truly devastating and heartbreaking to see it unfold.


The #steem graphic month programme was a great way to promote #steem online. It would be much better if more graphic designers help to promote #steem by providing more promotional graphic design.
I will miss this daily update of #steem graphic month very much. Thanks for everything what you are doing to promote #steem over the world.

We have a little number of graphic designer with the #promo-steem project but this #steem graphic month was a great idea from you and it will be very effective for #promo-steem project in future.
I have read your every blogs of #steem graphic month Daily update and I will miss this blog very much from tomorrow. Thanks for your every support. Good luck #promo-steem and @stephenkendal.

One word sir @stephenkendal Make Steem great again! Do #Promo-Steem and Support #Club5050 for investing #Steem in the future.

We love #Promo-Steem - October #Steem Graphics Month. We are looking for your November project sir.

Dear Sir,
How are you now Mr. Stephen...?
I was looking around for your latest post, it's been 5 days not there. I hope you are in good health sir.

Best Regards

Sir, actually there are lot of basic level graphic designers in #steemit and the use it only for their blogs. But there is no professional graphic designer in #steemit to support the #steem graphic month. Because they have a better option to earn money from freelancing marketplace. Most of the users of this platform are bloger not a graphic designer. So I think we should work with this what we have. Thank you

Hello sir stephen, hopes you've support our operation clean-up drive in our community. Link here.


Sir, we hope that all of us working together will make your October Graphics Month event a success. And I hope to get your support my design post.

Sir I love you and I miss you! Please come back! ❤️💕💖 I always pray that Almighty Allah bless you with happiness! I've never seen angel in real life but I've seen @stephenkendal as an angel in virtual life. I'm glad that you're kind to us, whatever today I'm in steemit it never been possible without your support, its fine if you are not willing to support me again but my gratitude to you is forever and ever. Take love and be blessed 😇

You are doing what Napoleon couldn't do
You deserve all the recognition, applause and everything that you can think of Steve. You are a gem in this blockchain ecosystem.

It’s really very sad that very few graphic designers has come forward the help the #steem graphic month. But this month was really a great month for online #steem promotion. You deserve more cooperation from to promote #steem from us. Thank you.❤️

It was really a great month of this year for the #promo-steem project. We have got a huge number of graphic design every day to promote #steem. This kind of programme can increase the force of promotional activities. I think you should announce some more programme to speed up the promotion of #steem. Thanks a lot. 💝

Sir our community support your work, best of luck.

Sir, I hope your Steem Graphics Month has been a success, and through this we have got a lot of new users and new investors in this team.

salam tuan @stephenkendal
saya bersama tim sedang membuat brosur promo steem, dan berencana menambah brosur kedepan, bagaimana pendapat tuan @stephenkendal


It has been an excellent 21 days, of experience and of sharing, if things do not go as we want, it does not matter, what does not kill us, strengthens us, The battle cry this time is: Triumph is not in always winning , rather in never giving up.

Long time ! How’s things going ? Me and Enrica met you at a crypto event a couple of years back.

Hi Sarah

Great to hear from you.

I remember it was at the Crypto Compare Digital Asset Summit down in London.

You introduced me to Vesa the artist.

I have been following his awesome work ever since.

Hope you and Enrica are both doing well.

Love to you both.


Yes! I wish I had stayed on nfts back then!!! I just saw your name pop up here in a post and was like wow old times!! What are you up to these days?

No matter what hardships come and gone. All we need is to stand firm until we don't hit the target. Promoting steem is somehow challenging but your efforts are much stronger that they can go through every challenge.

Sir @stephenkendal I post Steam graphic design regularly and hope to get your support.

@tipu curate

When there is commitment and there are achievements, and these are evident. Greetings.

Good day Stephan,

I have been reading your tweets about fiat currencies going to zero. I agree in the long run (which may be sooner than we think) all fiat currencies go to zero.

Like you I have gotten into crypto currencies as a way to preserve wealth and for investment purposes. Along those like I have looked for training and guidance to take full advantage of the crypto market.

This led me to BitcoinTAF where I have taken courses, attended webinars, and subscribed to reports for insightful ways to trade and learn where the market is going.

I will be attending a free webinar tonight (7 a.m. UTC) which is 2 a.m. my time. The time of the webinar is more reasonable in your time zone, so I thought I would let you know about it.

If you are interested, I wrote a SteemIt post about it.

Have a great week!!
Steem On,

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

We love October #steemgraphicsmonth. All the best sir..❤️

massive for this mont..expectations are really high

Great job.

I think you are gradually becoming the one to which everyone looks up to when it comes to Steem Promotion
Thank you and God continue to bless you

Hallo @stephenpkendal, i need your help to support my promotion banner gif.. Please look at me🙏🙏🙏

Hello @stephenkendal, I hope you are doing okay. Kindly consider supporting @Campusconnectng with any amount of steempower delegation.

Campus connect is a growing community of college students around the world. We are focused at promoting steemit on campus and creating a community space for studnets. We are seriously interested in building our community curation power to at least 100kSP, we appreciate steem power delegations and would offer 0.5Steem/1KSP daily on curation rewards.

This way you will be able to maximize your steempower delegation. I would also love to reach you on discord, that is if you find it appropriate.

We kindly request your support.

CC @whitestallion

Ihii @stephenkendal I want you to support our community (Better Life community) , in our community we want to promote About Steem In life, please support from you🙏🙏🙏

Our community link

Sir, I hope your Steem Graphics Month has been a success, and through this we have got a lot of new users and new investors in this team.
I need your support.

Hai bapak @stephenkendal , pak, apakah harga steemit akan berjalan dengan lancar ? Kuharap akan baik baik saja.

This graphic month of October was good, if the expected goal was not reached it does not matter, other months will come. Could it be that there is a graphic November? it may be that those who did not cheer up in October, cheer up in November. Positive Mind Stephen.

During the Campaign I have been gauging the desire and appetite for this kind of Marketing Material and though the standard of Graphics that have been shared has been exceptionally high I have been somewhat slightly disappointed in the willingness to support the hard work that I know these Graphic Designers are doing.<

You have said it all, there are an outstanding quality artistic work shared which supposed to have been incentivize more than what they got but it didn't happened. I guest that is one of biggest challenge people experience in steem ecosystem. When such happen, they loose the appetite to continue to do that.

You really tried in the course of the contest in rewarding and surporting those that participated but where the problem lies is that many other whales did not follow your foot steps.
I wish a time will come in steem ecosystem where everybody will be willing to help each other just like you do

Sir, I think the initiative you have taken to #promote the #streem around the world is succeeding, # I think #Steem will go a long way through this.
I need your support 😃

Sir good morning
Im checking on you to see how you are felling
Is been a long time tha t we saw you bere on steem
Hope everything is ok
May the good Lord keep you safe

Still not heard from you
I hope you are fine
Your last post waz 26 day ago

I am very happy to hear information from Mr. @stephenkendal, and thank you very much for encouraging us all.

Dear @stephenkendal sir, How are you?
It was more than a month I haven’t seen any post from you. You are regularly supporting promotional works but I think It's not enough for the #promo-steem project.
Your inspiration and encouragement is very important for our #promo-steem project.
We are missing you very much. ❤️

sorry if you don't like it sir.
I want to ask you a lot about the steemit platform, but I don't know where to communicate with you.

if you have discord please contact me. there are many things I want to ask about the steemit platform.

My Discords.

thank you.

Sir I have been running Promo-Steem Social media Project for about 109 days. Where I share the posts of those who work to promote Steemit on various social media so that others see these posts and become interested in joining this platform.

Now I also want to improve thePromo-Steem Social media Project. I select 8 people every day and share their posts on different social media. I want to give gifts to these users. As if they are more interested and enthusiastic to promote Steemit.

I decided that every week I would select 5 people to whom I would distribute 25 steem as a gift. I really need your help now. Because I think users will be interested in promoting Steem/steemit.

Sir if I have made a mistake please let me know I want to correct my mistake, I need your support.

Great work promotions

hola amigo, como estas, puedo preguntar de que se trata esta comunida.

por otro lado, si te gustan las caricaturas y peliculas y estas interesado en el doblaje latino, pasate por mi comunidad, a lo mejor te interesa el tema de doblaje latino, a lo mejor incluso puedas ser uno.
no te vas a arrepentir amigo, un beso y mucho exito.

Sir I always want to work in the way you show me the way you say I will always work that way. I hope you will support me.

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

Sir @stephenkendal we have October Steem Graphics Month started but you haven't been supporting us for some time. Are you sick?
We need your support.

hello sir, how are you? Sir For the last Week I have not received any support from you in my post. I am posting all the rules and regulations given by you but I am not getting your support. Be sure to let me know if there are any mistakes in my post. I will try to correct the mistakes and post.

Thank you for always your support.

Friend Stephen, tell us how you are doing, what is wrong with you, did you get covid?

Hello Mr @stephenkendal? Sincerely I see a lot of people who are busy supporting #club5050, lately we have seen them do power as much as possible, this is the great influence of the #club5050 program supported by @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02.

A few days ago I also saw you support this program by creating the hashtag #supportclub5050, I'm glad to see the announcement on your blog. And I want to ask you a little bit why don't you use the hashtag #club5050? I also see that your Promotional posts are often not supported by them, even though you have been working well for 5 years, you are the best at promoting #Steen and #Steemit. We really support you sir, Support your #promo-steem #club5050, Stem On!

Hi, @stephenkendal!

Please support our team (@alexmove.witness and @steemit-market). We ask you to vote for us as witnesses. We are developing automatic checks for the uniqueness of posts, user ratings and other scripts and activities. We are also preparing a big project - the online shop (sale for STEEM/SBD).

Every day we send double cashback to those who voted for us. Your vote is very important to us!

Greetings @stephenkendal , with all due respect I would like to invite you to delegate to our #colombia-original community, we are currently offering a very good daily % to delegators, we distribute 85% of what is obtained by curatorship, in addition to daily votes for delegators.