October Steem Graphics Month - Day 15. Comments and Feedback during the Campaign.

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#Promo-Steem - Promoting and Supporting #Steem Digital Marketing Material - Comments and Feedback during the Campaign

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October #Steem Graphics Month - Day 15

As the October #Steem Graphics Month moves into Day 15, I would like to once again say a Massive Thankyou to everyone who as supported the Campaign so far.

With the Campaign reaching the half-way mark, I thought today would be a great day to reflect on all the great comments and feedback that have been left on the daily updates so far.

Comments and Feedback during the Campaign

A great number of Comments and Feedback have been shared over the past two weeks and it has been an absolute pleasure to read what everyone has had to say.

The October #Steem Graphics Month Campaign was launched to give those that are producing some cool and exciting Graphics and sharing them on #Steemit a place to share and support the #Promo-Steem Project at the same time.

Dedicating one month to what I think will become a vital ingredient to a successful rollout of an On-line Marketing Campaign in 2022, October #Steem Graphics Month appears to have sown the seed for what will be required and the challenges we will most certainly need to overcome.

Quality, Quality, Quality

One comment and feedback that has repeatedly been shared is the importance of having great quality in the design of the Graphics and especially those that are promoting #Steem.

Setting a goal to rollout an ambitious On-line Promotional Campaign to Market #Steem in 2022 is going to require a tremendous amount of Marketing Material and I am once again reaching out for as many Graphic Designers to showcase their artistic skills by sharing their work to the #Promo-Steem tag for us all to see.

Staggering amount of Marketing Material

As explained in previous daily updates over the past couple of weeks, the amount of Marketing Material we will need to execute the colossal On-line Promotional Campaign in 2022 is simply staggering and I am hoping that over the next couple of months the number of Graphic Designers we will need to feed this Campaign will become available.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to more Graphic Designers coming forward and showcasing their creative and artistic work and tagging to the #Promo-Steem tag.

Daily Updates

I will continue to share with you daily updates throughout October as the Campaign continues and I look forward to seeing more awesome Graphics being shared on Social Media.

Thanks again for reading.


#Promo-Steem - Launching the October #Steem Graphics Month to help bring #Steem alive on Social Media and On-line #Steem Promotions

RESTEEM steemit blog.png

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You are trying to explain the importance of #steem promotional graphic design and NFT to promote #steem over the world. Since the acceptability of NFT is increasing, so it can be a great opportunity for graphic designers to design some #steem related graphic design and NFT also to help the promotion of #steem.

This kind of campaign always add an extra value on promoting #steem. The progress of #promo-steem project has increased after announcing this campaign of #steem graphic month. I hope this campaign is brewing something big and we will get that in #steem graphic month.

We have only 15 days of this #steem graphic month and we are almost success in this campaign. Many great #steem promotional graphic design are being shared under the #promo-steem tag and I hope we will get more in next 15 days. We need to share #steem graphic month campaign to attract more graphic designers. Thank you.

A great number of Comments and Feedback have been shared over the past two weeks and it has been an absolute pleasure to read what everyone has had to say.

Everything was great, what you have done and doing to promote #steem over the world. You are always supporting the promotion of #steem. You really deserve that feedbacks. Glad to know that you got pleasure to read our feedbacks. Thank you.

The days advance and in the same way we see how the development of this great movement of the graphic month progresses in #Promo-Steem, we all in one way or another have to support this great project, either with a good comment, a reestem, sharing in social networks, in this way, we support this great initiative of SK and his team.

an explanation like this is an understanding that can add to our knowledge in steem, so with that we beginners will continue to study also read posts from you, every post is knowledge. Thank you for sharing this information, I hope this is very useful

Sir, I think the initiative you have taken to #promote the #streem around the world is succeeding, #steem Graphics is running a Steem campaign around the world because of the month of October so I think #Steem will go a long way through this.

Sir, #Steem is being introduced to new users because of your #Steem Graphics Month Campaign, so I think this Campaign is really a successful Campaign.

We are in the middle of graphic design month. Since these contests has begun we have witness the huge rush in the contests. People are showing interest by taking part in these contests. Well what matters the most how these designers are being made, and how attractive these are. As we know its the good graphic design which attracts the people.

Share on twitter sir

Shared on twitter.

Please help to support the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem and #Steemit by sharing your Blogs to Social Media.





Marketing and promoting materials to promote #steem on-line should be ready in this #steem graphic month and we should start a extensive promotion of #steem in September to spread #steem over social media.

Great initiative, it will go a long way to reach the masses with steem.

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This comment is totally a copy of my comment from day 12 blog of #steem graphic month.

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But why?