*Update* + Power Up Crowdfunding ~Day 17 Stage 1~

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Hello fellow Steemians!!!


How much do we believe in ourselves?

This is a question that has hovered in the heads of team members in recent days and we have an answer.

We believe totally in ourselves and also in you!

Thanks to @steem-ambassador creators, to all #promo-steem ambassadors around the glove, to the @fundition Team and all supporters!!
We believe that we have the potential to improve the situation of many people and help solve some problems in the Canary Islands, Spain and the world.

The ability of this social network to generate income through "likes" votes + publications, in combination with the decentralized crowdfunding platform Fundition.io, has already shown that people with good intentions and desire to build a better world, can do so even without have the initial capital to carry out this task.

We can not think of a better example than the initiative @dreamsoftheocean, which has funded for the second year in a row a solidarity project in collaboration with the Red Cross of Lanzarote through the cryptocurrency Steem.

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Join us!!

From here we make an appeal to all the people, companies and entrepreneurs who are reading this article, to collaborate with us raising funds for this campaign. We are open to suggestions and would like to generate synergies among all the Spanish-speaking steemians / funditians who want to participate.

Our goal:

We want to continue promoting Steemit all over the world while we create a great community in the Canary Islands, Spain. The Steem Power that we obtain will be used to finance social projects and to reward collaborators for their contributions to #promo-steem - #promo-spain, through the initiatives @steem-ambassador and @promo-spain


We currently support the entire Spanish-speaking community through @cauac (Israel C. Sánchez) and his work as ambassador at @fundition and we invite you to contact him if you need help when creating your campaign, maybe you need to clarify any questions or do you want information about @steem-ambassador and the use of the tag #promo-steem. To be rewarded in your articles related to your Steemit promotion actions, you must follow the guide available at http://promo-steem.com

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Social projects

Actally part of the team is working with the Red Cross in Gran Canaria to coordinate actions that can benefit people in an unfavorable situation. More info in the next updates.
The @dreamsoftheocean initiative, founded by @surfermarly, is another project that Steemit Canarias wants to support, so that, hopefully, this will extend to the 7 islands and their social actions related to water sports will benefit all the residents of the islands.
Surely you know any NGO, association - institution in the Canary Islands or in our country, which might be interested in the idea of generating income for their cause using the blockchain of Steem. Let us know and we will contact you; )

Different ways of collaborating with this project

  • Delegate Steem Power (voting power) to @steemitcanarias account here You will receive an economic return that depends on the amount of delegated SP and the price of the Steem.
    You will receive the gratitude of all the people we help from this initiative, directly or indirectly; )
  • Talk to your contacts and family about Steemit and share interesting posts on Twitter or Face to reach more people
  • Join @stemitcanarias on Discord to access the WhatsApp group where you can promote your articles related to the Canary Islands and meet other collaborators and team members.
  • Support the Steemit promotion through the @steem-ambassador initiative
  • Join our curation trail in Steemauto and use the #steemitcanarias tag in your posts

All earnings generated by the articles destined to raise the funds, will be used to increase the SP (voting power) of this account.

~ Day 17 Phase 1 ~

Stage 1 goal: 1000 SP (Steem Power)
Funds raised: (2.01 STEEM + 12.30 SBD + 5.80 SP)
Last power up: 08/07/2018

By giving a "like" to this project, you are helping to grow up Steemit Canarias community and in some way, changing the world. You only need to vote for this publication if you liked it and share it.

If you have any resources or suggestions that could improve this initiative, do not hesitate to respond to this post. We appreciate it

We remind you that you can book now your sit at the next Steemit Meetup in Gran Canaria on September 8, you only need to send 0.001 SBD to @steemitcanarias with the text "I participate in the MEETING STEEMIT 3 in Gran Canaria"

We hope to see you there!

Thanks to everyone for reading us


*Logo by @cauac

See on Fundition: https://fundition.io/#!/@steemitcanarias/fhnyin7ls/news

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