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The World’s Police

America, the World’s Police, is currently conducting an investigation into war crimes in Ukraine. While it might not seem fair the United States remains exempt from being incriminated as the leader in this global development towards world peace with an international justice system, Russia now finds itself ensnarled in this trap.

Examples are needed through periods of time to create precedence for further proceedings.

These views shaped from what appear to be parallels drawn between Putin’s Invasion and Bush’s Invasion from the Russian narrative at this time.

While Putin could have pushed these points before the operation in Ukraine, it seems he’d rather use these errors made by the United States as justifications, with the higher ideal being a correction to the human condition.

Once more Western style journalism wins the airwaves with live reporters on the ground filming the most recent developments. Whereas it seems the Russian media only reports file footage scripted updates. The biggest factor being access to the information.

It’s been suggested that a large portion of the Russian population has access to the free internet. Yet it’s also been debunked that only tech savvy younger hipsters have VPNs. Limiting these break throughs in coverage to liberal cities like Saint Petersburg.

Much like the Trump January 6th rioters the Russian nation has been mobilized with a narrative that pulls on emotional chords for the audience. They have been chosen by their leadership to fight this war.

Western nations are living up to what they claim to represent; unified democracies building world power through economic development and peaceful cooperation. It’s a new level of regime change without bloodshed through economic strangulation. China can fill the gap with time; right now it’s every sector at every tier.

Most depressing, watching the once mighty Russian military turn into a junk yard. High tech weaponry already in short supply with any hope of technological development as the war progresses now impossible. That’s why they’ve already made the nuclear threat.

Now the war can be seen on another level. Putin is not only willing to take life, he’s willing to sacrifice the lives of the people who follow him. Meanwhile, the West doesn’t want to kill people on either side, yet it is planning a regime change of its own with a democracy in Russia allowed to rejoin the global community.

If World War III breaks out in nuclear conflict it’s due to the ego of one human being to the detriment of the generations that follow economically and environmentally if the world can even survive. Instead of World War III; they should call it World War Z.

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