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Ukraine Holds Back the Iron Curtain:

We start in near Earth orbit where the Chinese have begun to recycle outdated spacecraft. This space junk relocated to an area where it can’t interfere with operational space satellites. A place where they might burn in the atmosphere faster.

Unfortunately, this coincides with the hot war now ignited on the borders of the Ukraine, with the main push for the capital Kyiv in order to decapitate its leadership.

Right now, Russian troops are meeting fierce opposition from well trained homeland forces. With the blitzkrieg halted supply lines become a question. In the slow movements that follow the Russian army becomes vulnerable to light infantry attacks with shoulder style missile launchers that can dismantle tanks and helicopters.

Kyiv, a city of almost 3-million people now without food, water, bathrooms, and sleep has become desperate. The Russian soldiers left stranded on the front lines feel the same. It’s in that space that deadly clashes take place.

It’s an ugly civil war in the mud. Yet give the Russians credit for attempting to follow international rules of combat thus far because it’s within their power to destroy everything with conventional weapons without a respect for life.

While this stalemate takes place the morale for Russians erodes from humiliation. President Putin needed this Special Operation to take place in a 48-hour period. Straight to the capital with the installation of new leadership. Even better if the people of Ukraine threw roses in the streets. It had the chance of being Afghanistan 2.0 with Ukraine embracing their Eastern European cousins like long lost family members with the removal of the Berlin Wall.

The reality being peaceful cooperation for decades with populations mingling at the Olympics and World League soccer games. A real civil war where drinking buddies are now pitted against each other with machine guns as comforts are removed and the women disappear. It happened overnight without warning on both sides. Only the boring methodical civil servants marched forward to fire the first shots.

Last Thursday morning a Starbucks collapsed in the rumble of artillery fire turning the business suit grey for the man who liked to ride his bike. Never could these docile people believe the bluffs of a want-to-be-Czar.

Economic sanctions are tightening due to Putin’s war. He’s already being characterized as a war criminal. Now the threat of all out nuclear war to scar Earth’s face forever. Be prepared for the worst.

Hemp for victory!

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