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Winter Olympic Invasion:

This morning presented the most compelling evidence yet that Russian could be moving forward with an invasion of Ukraine, even at this moment the small details are being worked out before a full-fledged advance in a repeat of 2014, when the Russian and Ukrainian troubles began with the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula.

That event taking place at the end of the Sochi Winter Games; almost another winter sport for the nation.

Only now it’s clear that Russia has a partner in China where these Winter Olympics are about to conclude with strong showings from both nations. Oil and gas can be sold in the worlds 2nd largest economy so that Russia doesn’t suffer from Western sanctions. Another similarity the Bear and the Dragon share would be their surplus of cash unlike the debt of the NATO block.

Some say the debt can be broken down different ways. It can also be a motivation to take the spoils in war. It could be fueling the West to need this war more than the Central Powers.

Still calls for peace and diplomacy. People who have seen this scenario before played out in the two previous world wars. Can the Putin and Xi Alliance be strong enough to push through the Western Alliance and its allies that currently control the other half of the world.

What optics can they present to control the mainstream newsreel on television? Can they overcome the language barrier in a world where English gets spoken by default? Or could their ambitions truly be as tame as Ukraine and Taiwan.

It remains to be seen as firefights intensify in disputed regions of Ukraine. One point of interest should an invasion take place, would be the northern border of Ukraine where Belarus and Russia are joined as well. It’s here that Chernobyl still stands as a toxic waste dump in what could be the start of a nuclear war. Russian forces are being tasked with a wider maneuver around this area giving civilians in Kyiv more time to evacuate.

From A to Z continued to struggle as a viable company with the current lack of interest in Hemp textile production. A latest bid on a 3D printer contract turned down where we’d proposed the use of Hempcrete.

We live in a society that remains unsustainable. Russia and China seem to be firm in their commitment to the oil and gas industry. While the West looks to rebrand itself as the alternative energy option. Yet both sides must push for the unrestricted use of fossil fuel to win this war if there’s a war because that’s what the machines of war rely on.

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