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Winter Olympics 2022:

It’s been brought up that Russia invaded the Ukraine after the Sochi Games. President Putin met with President Jinping already in a face-to-face meeting. Both countries in position to retake the World War II battlelines. Russia in place of Germany and China in place of Japan. As it’s been reported Russia could invade Ukraine again; while China talks openly about taking back Taiwan.

The United States with a strike on a terrorist leader in a disputed part of the world.

Gridlock remains between the three world powers. Meanwhile, the Pandemic continues, while people strive for economic success.

Could climate change become the guidelines for future developments as can be seen in the White House frowning on the Post Office for a budget of new trucks including all gas-powered vehicles. It’s directed at a move to electric after Elon Musk gave away his trade secrets allowing the big automakers to move in. Yet could there be a more beneficial option?

As discussed many times before on this blog, there’s hydrogen. It’s the most vast natural resource in the Universe. It’s likely that advanced space travel relies on some form of hydrogen based energy for this reason. Here on Earth right now, there’s the option of changing to hydrogen fuel celled vehicles with hydrogen gas stations allowing for faster fill ups. One more advantage to hydrogen would be that water emissions are put into the atmosphere at a time of severe drought on America’s west coast where the trees scream tears of fear for the next fire season.

Imagine instead of logging the natural forest people grew Hemp for all their forest product textile needs. It would keep more people employed in healthy eco-friendly jobs while keeping the woods pristine.

A combination of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and Hemp farming could become the framework of a new Northwest renewal plan. Only the region doesn’t govern itself from this perspective. As a minority one can only watch hoping that there’s a better way forward that the people running the show know about.

That’s where From A to Z does its work. The company remains on the cutting edge of the new concept of energy for the future in partnership with natural ecosystems to create profit while solving climate change.
Where do Russia and China stand on this issue?

To begin, it must be said that the United States and its allies have only now begun to fully embrace the need for this change in the economic system in more urgent terms. So why would one expect Russia or China to lead in this realm?

One could point to the fact that they are indigenous people to the lands they occupy. Meaning that they are more connected to the land developing slower of periods of time. In contrast America’s expansion has been fast after the genocide of Native Americans the new people built roads and cities across the landscape to disassociate with what had been there before. An act against the power of nature and in defiance of the well known quote: “You don’t own the land.”

While Native Americans have talked about nature being incorporated into human existence, sacrificing their lives on American battlefields in every corner of this country, it can now be expressed in terms of scientific discovery.

Yet it still remains a coin toss. Primarily because Russia and China through perception are more into having control over more people and territory while selling the same gas-powered products; now in control of more areas in oil rich nations found in the middle east.

America foresaw this inevitability in the 2000’s with President Bush at the helm. False Flag or not 9/11 has already happened and justified the invasion of both Iraq and Afghanistan on the international level. We’ve used gas to its extinction, and are now looking for a new alternative resource to fuel our vehicles without having to worry about big ticket items like climate change every day.

China and Russia haven’t made pleas in the United Nations demanding that the Ukraine and Taiwan must be invaded for security reasons. Could it be true that they’re not planning an attack?

China’s now hosting the Winter Olympics with high level Russian diplomats in attendance. The United States and its allies at home watching on television. The medal count could be a deciding factor.

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