New week tomorrow...

in prayer •  2 months ago 

Sunday is almost over and I am getting ready for a new week. It is interesting how life can sometimes feel overwhelming, simply like if there are too many things happening around you at the same time.

If those events are challenging, painful, or demanding, then it can make you feel quite exhausted and as if life is giving you a hard time. Well, I know that feeling, and whenever one thing is solved, it feels like the next one is right around the corner. When finances also are included in the challenges, then it becomes tougher.

So yes, life can feel challenging and hard, but I am happy to confess and proclaim that Gods grace is sufficient, it is enough, and it is in times when you don't feel the strength in yourself that you can survive, thrive, and afterward know for sure that it was God who made a way and not you in your own strength.

Right now my foremost goal is to cling onto God and then I know that I am safe, no matter what will happen.

It is interesting that even though it sounds like life is really hard, it isn't. It is just the way I feel about it right now. But, in the midst of this, I know that my problems are tiny compared to most other people in the world. So, if you feel in pain and troubled today, I feel together with you and I cheer for you and i pray for you!

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