#PortraitContest by@jasonrussell - Dad, His Wife and the Observer

in portraitcontest •  5 years ago 

Morning Steemians,

My entry is about three portraits I took in less than one minute in Venice in 2005. This is my favourite little serie of portraits as they all communicate together.

The Dad


His Wife


And Observer


Still a contemporary situation...

Kind regards,

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Interesting consteellation. The observer looks a bit creepy to me :D Like a gangster in a old movie :D

Hahahhha, he does awakes immagination, doesn't he? 😎

Totally. Where this glasses his real ones or is it kind of a costume?

not costume, this is real person as it is on the street! I assume artist because it was shoot in Giardini during Venice biennale.

I think the observer is intriguing.

He definitely is not some basic personality. Catches an eye. Thank you!

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Observer looks like he is going to kill soneone

yeah he looks kinda dark

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