Spotlight on Poloniex Contest and BTC Net Deposit Campaign

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Thank you to everyone who entered the Steem Crypto Challenge Month.

This week we are back with a new Crypto Contest all about Poloniex.

Our Spotlight on Poloniex Contest ties in with a major promotion currently running on Poloniex with 25 BTC in prizes!

So learn about Poloniex, make your entries for our Spotlight contest and then check out the Bitcoin x TRON Net Deposit Campaign.

To find out more about the Bitcoin x TRON Net Deposit Campaign on Poloniex, with 25 BTC in prizes, visit...

Spotlight on Poloniex

Founded in 2014 Poloniex is one of the oldest and most experienced digital asset trading platforms in the world and was among the first exchanges to be recognized as on par with Wall Street.

In 2019 Poloniex announced partnerships with TRON founder and BitTorrent CEO Justin Sun and other investors, with the aim to bring blockchain and digital assets to new heights while providing a top tier trading experience for investors across the globe.

Poloniex has been recognized as one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Since its founding in 2014 Poloniex has never been subject to any security breaches. To this day Poloniex continues to work tirelessly in maintaining their platform as a premier place for safe trading.

Poloniex’s mission is to build the most advanced crypto marketplace while providing healthy and liquid markets that connect passionate investors with blockchain innovators and thus revolutionize global finance.

Poloniex is registered in the Seychelles.

To enter this Spotlight Contest we want you to write about Poloniex.

Some of the topics you might want to cover in your contest posts include...

  • How did you first come to know about Poloniex.

  • What experience have you have had of using Poloniex.

  • What features and functions do you like (or dislike) about Poloniex.

  • Are there any features you would like to see added to Poloniex.

  • If you don't use it already, what would encourage to swap to using Poloniex.

  • If you do use Poloniex already, would you recommend it to others, and why?

The Rules

You can enter the Spotlight on Poloniex Contest as many times as you like, but no more than once per day.

Posts should be a minimum of 400 words, and can be in any language.

Challenge entries should include the tag #poloniexspotlight and a tag for your country like #india or #italy in the first five tags.

All posts must be your own original work. Any evidence of plagiarism will result in a banning from our contests and challenges.

Any images used should either be your own or from a stated copyright free source.

This contest will run until 23:00 UTC on Sunday, November 15th 2020.

The Prizes

For this contest we will not be limiting the number of winners.

We will select all the best posts each day for upvotes from @steemcurator01 (10M SP).

So there will be more chances to win a good upvote from @steemcurator01 - it could be anything from 1% to 100% !

There will also be a separate contest running for the Chinese language community. That contest will have similar upvotes from @steemcurator02 (4M SP) for the best entries...

The prize votes will be increased by 10% for any winning posts set to Power Up 100% (assuming the account is not powering down at the same time).

Twitter Sharing

We will also be giving upvotes for sharing your challenge posts on Twitter - make sure you include the hashtags #steem and #poloniexspotlight.

Put a screenshot AND the direct link to the Tweet in a comment on your post to be in with a chance of winning an extra upvote.

Steem Crypto Challenge #5 Winners

Congratulations to @budapestguide, @drqamu, @greatness96, @jehoshua-shey, @jlufer, @kouba01, @lavanyalakshman, @neerajkr03, @sampraise, @sapwood, @shortsegments, @stream4u, @syllem, @unbiasedwriter, @unyime, @whitestallion for their winning posts in the final week of the Steem Crypto Challenge Month.

We hope you and all the previous winners will be keen to enter this new contest.

We were delighted that so many people enjoyed the Steem Crypto Challenge Month.

This new Spotlight on Poloniex Contest runs for two weeks and we look forward to reading your entries.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

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Hello @steemitblog @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02

Thank you very much for putting on those contests and taking the time to curate all the entries.

I am very thankful for the Awards I received and the upvote support.

I think the crypto challenge month was great as it gave us a chance to write about cryptocurrency and to do so in a manner which would be interesting and informative to new people coming into our community.

I also wish to congratulate all the other winners;@budapestguide, @drqamu, @greatness96, @jehoshua-shey, @jlufer, @kouba01, @lavanyalakshman, @neerajkr03, @sampraise, @sapwood, @shortsegments, @stream4u, @syllem, @unbiasedwriter, @unyime, @whitestallion

Lastly, I am excited to enter this weeks contest about Poloniex!
I use this exchange and I am very happy with it, so I will enjoy writing a contest entry.


Thanks and congratulations to you.

Thanks @shortsegments and congrats to you too.

Thank you.

Thanks @shortsegment. Congratulations to you too.

Thanks @shortsegment. Congratulations to you too.

It so kind Thanks!!

Thank you so much.

Thank you very much ,and congratulations to you too.

Thank you and congratulations to you too. Winning one of these awards is a very exciting experience, for my part it is the first time I have seen such an amount in one of my publications and it is a great encouragement.
Thanks for your words, a hug.

hello dear friend @shortsegments good afternoon
I really appreciate that you mentioned me
have a wonderful afternoon

You visited my post today thank you sir for stopping by


Congratulations, @asimo You Successfully Trended The Post Shared By @shortsegments.
You Utilized 1/3 Daily Summon Bot Calls.

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Thank You & Congrats you too.

Congratulations to myself and all winners. Congratulations to all who took part in the last challenge, we all won.

The new challenge will open much awareness about Poloniex, especially as we share on tweeter.

thank you @steemitblog for this thoughtful contest.

I am running short of words to expess my gratitude to @steemitblog for this winderful contest . At the same time i congratulae fellow winners.
Thank you.

Congrats sir,about the contest poloniex where can i make my entry and in which community?.

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It was a very good contest organized, a nice experience as we all share the knowledge and gain a lot more.

Thank you for the support:-

Congrats all winners..................

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Very interesting the contest. For me it is a new challenge, since for a few days I have been beginning to research on cryptocurrencies, on mining, in short, on many things of which I had no knowledge. I am very happy with my learning.

Muy interesante el concurso. Para mi es un nuevo reto, ya que desde hace algunos dias estoy comenzando a investigar sobre criptomonedas, sobre minerias, en fin sobre muchas cosas de las cuales no tenia ningun conocimiento. Estoy muy feliz con mi aprendizaje.




Really grateful and congratulations to all who not only won but also helped to spread awareness with their experiences in cryptography, I personally learned from many. I do not know well about Poloniex pwro thanks to this initiative I will learn this week. ✔️

Thanks Team for holding contests for the benefit of the entire community, left a translation into Spanish for the benefit of the Spanish community. Thank you. Happy and long life.

Gracias Equipo por realizar concursos en beneficio de toda la comunidad, dejó una traducción al español para beneficio de la comunidad española. Gracias. Feliz y larga vida.

Congratulations to all the participants and especially to the winners. @budapestguide, @drqamu, @greatness96, @jehoshua-shey, @jlufer, @kouba01, @lavanyalakshman, @neerajkr03, @sampraise, @sapwood, @shortsegments, @stream4u, @syllem, @unbiasedwriter, @unyime, @whitestallion Happy and long life.

Gracias amiga, me siento como reina de belleza, jajaja. Es una gran experiencia que sueño repetir. Un abrazo.

Thanks you very mucho @mariita52 🤗

Hello dear friend @ mariita52 good afternoon
I heartily appreciate that you mentioned me
have a prosperous week

Thankyou very much.

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It's really wonderful challenge and contest. in my previous post about exchanges I have talked a lot about poloniex. so I need to just recap this and participate here. thanks for arranging such an important contest from where we can easily learn something new about poloniex from different users of it.
#onepercent #bangladesh

I have been so happy to have won an award... Thank you for the opportunities you create for participation and even learning. I am very happy and motivated, I haven't used Poloniex yet, but I have already started my task of exploring it to know it a little bit and to be able to share with you my experience and my new learning.
A big hug.

Good afternoon dear friends @steemitblog
It is a pleasure to have participated in the contest and very grateful for the support provided. Thanks a lot
I take this opportunity to wish you a prosperous week, full of successes

I'm 'over-delighted' with this new contest. The spotlight's really gonna be on poloniex these two weeks. I'm off to tell me recruits and friends about yet another challenge on steemit. I'm loving this steemit team.

In between, congratulations to me and the other winners!

Blessings and Peace.

Trade on all cryptocurrency exchanges from one interface! -

Thank you very much for your support and congratulations for all winners.

Steem on..

Again a great challenge which need some reading I hope we will do our best to improve the content of our lovely blog. Thanks @steemitblog.

Congratulations to all the winners, it has been a great month and I can't thank the steemit team well enough.

I prayed for a season two and I got one, I am so happy, I will upload entry soon.

This is also another interesting challenge. Let's steem on for more. Thanks Steemit Teamit Team!

Thank you so much for this latest update.

Steem on.

Congratulation to the winners.

Congratulations to all the participants and especially to the winners. @budapestguide, @drqamu, @greatness96, @jehoshua-shey, @jlufer, @kouba01, @lavanyalakshman, @neerajkr03, @sampraise, @sapwood, @shortsegments, @stream4u, @syllem, @unbiasedwriter, @unyime, @whitestallion.
@steemitblog felicitaciones/ Congratulations

another chance of writing about cryptocurrency,, it's a great contest.I will try my best to attend this contest.

@steemcurator01 sir more then one month you did not visit my diary post.I know it's so toiling find out all unvoted post, btw...i hope when you got a free chance will you visit my post.

felicidades a los ganadores...



iam new here
no welcome for me
love from pakistan

I just find out this contest, please is it still on?

What of the forecast challenge because I was close

Nice post Excellent!

Great to see that we are now going to explore new things.
@rashid001 @hassanabid @vvarishayy @moohsin @shahab1998 @faisee @dabeerahmed @bassamjamal @hasansid @yarhasan @ibad4242 and @harisbutt...
I am sure all of you are equally excited to know about this challenge.
Lets get going guys :)

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