US Ambassador Testifies, Claims Trump Wanted Biden Investigated, There Was Quid Pro Quo

in politics •  3 years ago 

Ambassador Bill Taylor testified today that President Trump directly linked funding for Ukraine to an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden.
According to several people in the room, Mr. Taylor acknowledged that the President wanted an investigation into Mr. Biden, as well as a public statement from Ukraine that they were also investigating the company that Mr. Biden’s son worked for. Members of Congress who heard the testimony described it as “devastating for the President.”
In his opening statement, “Taylor said that he and Sondland spoke by phone about why the aid was frozen, and Sondland cited the need for Ukraine to open an investigation among other reasons.”

More info in the article

My thoughts on this news

It is very evident now that Trump is one of the dumbest people to have been elected President of the USA and he has some of the dumbest people working in his administration. He has been a conman his entire life and has broken many laws and has gotten away with it because of his privilege of being born into a wealthy family. Naturally he thought he could continue his crimes while being President without anyone noticing, because he thinks he is above the law.

There are actually several US Laws Trump could be charged with violating. The main one that is obvious is Campaign Finance Law. The federal law makes it illegal to solicit, accept, or receive a contribution or donation from a foreign national, the contribution or donation is defined as money or another thing of value. The thing of value in this situation is the investigation Trump asked the Ukranian President to start on Biden. Simply by asking for this to be investigated Trump already broke the law.

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