Trump Has Destroyed American Farmers, Now He Is Trying To Save Them With Socialism By Giving Them $16 Billion In Aid

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“This trade thing is what’s brought on by the president and it’s really frustrating because he took away all of our markets,” Bob Nuylen, a farmer from North Dakota who grows spring wheat and sunflowers, told Yahoo Finance. “We live in an area where we’re kind of in the middle of nowhere. It costs us a lot of money — over $1 a bushel to get our grain to markets.”

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My thoughts on this news

But the Republicans keep screaming and yelling about how bad socialism is, oh wait no, it is only bad when poor people need money to survive or when teachers want to get paid a living wage. But when the American government gives money to the US Military, Police officers, Firefighters, builds roads, gives money to private corporations to create weapons of war, I guess that socialism is ok for Republicans. What is really remarkable about this money Trump is giving away, is it was entirely caused by his failed trade war with China. China was one of the biggest buyers of certain crops from the USA, now because of Trump's trade war they are buying those crops from other countries. This leaves American farmers with tons of crops and no one to buy them, and now Trump has to save those farmers with socialism. Instead of creating jobs like Trump has promised he is destroying jobs and is giving $16 billion of welfare to farmers whose jobs he has destroyed. I have said this before and I will say it again, Trump is a moron who has no clue how the economy works, no human who has bankrupted multiple companies and is only rich because of the money he got from his daddy should be in charge of the US economy.

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You say socialism like it's a bad thing...

I don't think it is a bad thing, Trump and the Republicans think it is a bad thing. You could actually make the argument that anytime a government spends money that is a type of socialism.

True enough...


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