Remember When Trump Promised He Would Show His Tax Returns, It Was Just Another Lie

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President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee filed lawsuits Tuesday challenging a California law that would require Trump to release his tax returns in order to appear on the state's presidential primary ballot.

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My thoughts on this news

When you tell as many lies as Trump has, chances are very high that those lies will eventually catch up with you. Looks like some states are taking matters into their own hands and passing laws to force presidential candidates to release their tax returns. California just passed a law that says if you do not release at least 5 years of tax returns your name will not appear on the presidential ballot. And even after many times Trump saying he would release his tax returns but he cannot because he is under audit, well everyone know knows that is a lie, an audit does not prevent anyone from releasing their tax returns. It seems Trump has now changed his mind and is suing the state of California regarding this law. Trump does not want to release his tax returns because everyone would finally know that he is debt and not actually a billionaire. I would not be surprised that Trump is probably in so much debt that he barely pays any taxes. Here is a video of Trump spewing out lies about his tax returns.

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