Woman quits ESPN claiming that it is "too conservative" there

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First off, I don't believe that she resigned. I think she was presented with the opportunity to save face and claim that she resigned or they were going to fire her. I do not know this person and have never seen her on ESPN since there are only a few shows I watch on there and one of them was not hers, whatever that was.

Her name is Jemele Hill and she has been employed there for a while and apparently she was one of the people that was responsible for that brief period in time where ESPN started to be political. This all just happened to take place from 2016 to about 2018, then the people that were aligned with Trump and republicans in general started a boycott. Now ESPN is trying to save face themselves by going back to be sports only, which is what they should have always been.


Don't know her, don't know what she does or what sports she is knowledgeable about and I also do not care. When politics started making their way into sports I think most of the sports fans out there let out a collective groan because that was the one thing that we could all just be pals over. It didn't matter at a sports bar or at a stadium what your political leanings were, it only mattered what team you supported. That was a pretty amazing time actually because during the past 5 years politics have been extremely toxic and all invasive.

I don't know if Jemele was personally responsible for politics invading ESPN but given the way the has publicly chastised ESPN for being "too conservative" kind of suggests to me that she might have been responsible. The thing is, and why I think this woman must just be a brainwashed idiot is that when ESPN was taking a political standpoint, it was almost entirely non-conservative. So I'm guessing in her world the fact that ESPN wisely decided to eliminate all political commentary from their broadcasting, lest they lose half of their potential customers, that she was upset with this.

She likely wanted to use this platform as a method of getting her talking points out to the masses even if by doing so she was destroying the very business that was paying her a massive salary.

When she decided that she was going to abuse her platform anyway, and since any attempts to put this on the air using ESPN would be edited out, she took to Twitter to attack Republicans and especially Trump. ESPN, already backpedaling from backlash due to allowing political commentary on their sports' network issued this statement.

"Jamele's opinions do not represent the position of ESPN. We have addressed this with Jemele and she recognizes her actions were inappropriate."

She later was suspended for decrying the Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for threatening to bench any players that didn't stand for the national anthem. She also threatened and suggested that people boycott anyone that advertises with the Dallas Cowboys.

She sounds like a real troublemaker to me and I seriously doubt that her leaving ESPN was her decision.

Now I want everyone to understand that she left ESPN, claiming it was her decision back in 2018, but is deciding to speak about it now and doesn't that seem awfully convenient? I would be willing to bet that there was some sort of clause in her walking papers that dictated that she was not to speak about this matter for a certain amount of time.

Regardless, suggesting that ESPN, which is 80% owned by Disney (just like almost everything else) is somehow a "conservative" outlet suggests to me that this lady is completely consumed by her political stances just like a lot of people that I know that are on the left.

I really wish that politics weren't all invasive the way that they are. When I watch sports, like most people, I do it specifically to get away from that sort of crap. So good riddance to anyone else out there in the sporting world that is like Jamele. You will not be missed.

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