The World's Prettiest Thief

in poetry •  2 months ago 

I don’t know how we did it
But we’re finally here
Together on our first date
My mind gripped with nervous fear

We walked into the museum
A friend of mine said you’d like
I took them at their word
For I'm not the artsy type

Waiting in line
The nerves grew stronger
Wondering if this line
Could be any longer

At long last, we got two tickets
The fun could finally start
I didn’t know what I was looking at
But I tried to sound smart

Baroque and renaissance
To me, it’s all the same
To you, it was like meeting old friends
As you knew each artist’s name

In the porcelain room
Intricate designs covered the walls
The first time I took my eyes off you
Moments before I would fall

You were pointing to the sign
Which read “Interactive Exhibit”
Your eyes begged me
To give this place a visit

The room seemed empty
Only a single screen which covered the entire wall
A projector added some life
Blinking lights read “Can you clear them all?”

A wall once blank
Filled with tiny red gears
Which when tapped would turn yellow
Before they finally disappeared

As the clock wound down
The screen flashed bright white before
Revealing a picture of me and you

At your behest
We played once more
Jumping, sliding, and diving
Trying to score more than before

Inevitably, the clock approached zero
I wanted to clear the wall, for your sake
Maybe then, you’d be convinced
That saying yes wasn’t a mistake

The way you gently touched my arm
Before pulling on my sleeve
When I turned, our noses nearly touched
My lungs forgot how to breathe

Floating to cloud nine
On an icy, peppermint breeze
My heart is mine no more
Thanks to the world’s prettiest thief

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