Why I support The Ukrainian People

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I sometimes sell poetry books, and I have Ukrainian poets in my collection. I don't have any Russian poets. The Ukrainians were first to publish in my locale, and I have a first come first serve policy. Now they are at war. Of course, I need them to survive so they keep writing, so I can keep selling their poetry. So, from my perspective, keeping Ukrainian people alive is very important, because they actually manufacture things, even if they are just poems. I thought the books were really good, and they sell pretty well.

The other side does not manufacture cars, nor computers, nor phones, not even poems. They manufacture nukes. No one needs or wants nukes. They have no real use case. You can't trust a country that makes nukes, but does not make cars. What more do you need to know? That's just common sense. I'm here to provide clarity. It's a very simple case here.

My apologies if my view offends anyone, but I simply do not care. My bottom line involves selling books, and there are more Ukrainian books here than Russian books. That should tell you a lot about the Russian mind, if there is anything left of it. Hopefully they didn't drink it away, stupid fools. The fact that there are more Ukrainian books than Russian books, should really put things into perspective. Russians are clearly unlettered people. None of them had masks on. The data showed they got clobbered by Omicron. That's their own stupidity. They also drink. They cannot possibly win, even if they were unopposed. I view their behavior as horrific levels of rent seeking behavior.

You are not supposed to have wars in the modern age. It's outdated. It does not work. It will never work. Money works better than war, and no one gets hurt.

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Thank you for your support, friend. Hopefully, russians will start to kill each other and stop terrorize Ukraine and the world with the nuclear weapon.

Whose books do you sell? Really interesting because I am (who writes this comment) is also a poet :)

Anna Malihon
Taras Malkovych
Olena Jennings

first two poets I know very well, the third one I hear for the first time.
good luck!