Time is Not Kind

in poetry •  4 years ago 


Oh how my time flies I can't even stop to wonder
Tick, tick, tick I'm not going to wait for you he says
But after the dust settles, I guess I'll remember
That it couldn't have happened any other way

I am not afraid of what will happen to me as time goes by
I'm just scared that people will change the way they see me
So I will let life happens to me, I won't even try
I will not even try to be who they want me to be

I'm going to make mistakes for others to correct
But nobody will know what goes on in the Chambers of my mind
They will not understand how many thoughts, my mind collects.
Maybe they will know what they shouldn't find

I've learnt to create time by making time
I've also learnt not be friendly, unwise and blind
For I know that every second I breath, the time is mine
But we can't deny the fact that time is not kind

Images source : Pixabay

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