The Cycle (CONTEST: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words - 2/4/2022)

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Having a family is no easy task, feeding a family an even harder one. 5 hungry mouths all needing fed, its a big responsibility, sometimes Jack feels like a robot. Wake up, go to work come home, go to sleep then repeat. Make no mistake Jack loves his kids, is grateful for each and everyone of them, can't imagine his life without them, but sometimes he wonders if maybe he should have waited, until he was a little older and a little more financially secure before starting a family.

He once had big dreams and big hopes. Wanted to own his own business and be his own boss, decide when he worked and when he didn't, but such is life, we don't always get to choose our path, all we can choose is how we walk that path.

His father was the same, as was his father's father, and his before him. His hopes and dreams now filter down to his own children and he hopes they can break the endless cycle and become more than he is and have better lives than he could have ever dreamed of.

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Five hungry children is quite a responsibility but he looks happy.


Any amount of children is a huge responsibility, be it one or five. He does look happy in the picture, but most people smile when they know a picture is being taken, regardless of how they really feel, so I looked beyond the picture and the smile, thats were my story came from. Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading.

I did thanks for adding the info and sharing your thoughts. Btw I know plenty of children who don't smile if a photo is taken or even refuse to be on one. I'm one of those children and so are my siblings. ;)

Jack took a path that makes him look happy and free of extra responsibilities.
Thanks for joining pic1000. 👍