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Really nice shots.

Look at this:

Have a beautiful sunday.

Thanks! Not bad either!

@sergino you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

Hey, thanks @flagfixer!

There is it? Thanks for upvote

que buenas tus fotos te quedo excelente el trabajo full natural y nitida


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wonderful photos!

Great to be in the wilderness to get your lungs filled with precious oxygen and the eyes with beauty! Please tell me the name of that orange plant. I think I know it from somewhere.
By the way thanks for popping by @sergino.

Nice photography


Beautiful pictures


Beautiful photography of wonderful Nature. Thank you for posting, Sergino. (-:

Wow, very beautiful pictures. Btw, thanks for always upvoting my gaming videos. It is very nice of you and I really appreciate it.

Do you use any other platforms for your photography like ShutterStock?

i love nature so much, nice pic