Photo 52, 2020 Challenge: Week 8 Results

in photography •  3 years ago 

Okay, I'm really, really late on this one. Week 9 is finishing and I'm only now getting to Week 8 results! I could give excuse after excuse after excuse but, at the end of the day, it'd be just that: an excuse. I beg your forgiveness and promise to not be this tardy again.

Week 8 Challenge:


All participants listed below (apologies for the cheapness of cut and paste):


Fantastic entries, all!

Week 8 Winner: @johannpiber
Congratulations @johannpiber!

Next week's challenge can be found here:

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Wow, I didn't think that I could win.

I bet this week it was too hard for you to make a decision, because there have been so many beautiful and great photos, so you have just picked a random number 😉

Thank you very much @wwwiebe / @photo52, have a great week and let's make and see some long exposures :)

I would be quite !DERANGED if I didn't give you a !BEER and a !COFFEEA for this $trdo post 😉


It has been very difficult. This last week I actually walked over to my neighbour with my computer and had him choose. At least I wasn't just flipping coins. 😊

I like your neighbor - he has a lot of understanding of art 😉

A hot morning !COFFEEA is very important for me to wake up from my !DERANGED dreams 😉

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