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The first photography.


I grew up in a rural environment.And growing up in a rural environment, I love the village a lot.I especially love my own village very much.The beautiful nature of the village fascinates me.Moreover, my various memories are associated with my village.I will never forget those memories.I took this picture from a small pond on the side of the village road.

The second photography.

The roads in my village are very beautiful.The roads are located in a very pleasant environment.So I like to walk along this beautiful road.Sometimes walking down the street and sometimes sitting on the side of the road has become my habit.This beautiful road to the village is very simple.The view of the beautiful green creeper grass along the side of the road is a very beautiful one.

The third photography.

If you look at the picture, you will see that the picture is a reflection.The trees on the banks of the pond are beautifully floating in the water.The pond is quite large in size.Sometimes the water in the pond is quite silent.And in the silent moment of the water, the reflection becomes more visible.

Many thanks to everyone for visiting my post.Let everyone know how my post went.I hope you like it.

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