2 Bee or not 2 Bee · 1 Dead Bumblebee

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..Two bee or not two bee, as a matter of fact it is just one dead Bumblebee..

(..actually a Buff-tailed Bumblebee, it is not possible to see the white rear end, for it has been sitting there for quite a while now, before that was hanging in a silk balloon where it was possible to see it but I didn't want to touch it, it is and will remain there for as long as possible..)

..Buff-tailed Bumblebee..
(..btw, Taxonomy..)
ƒ 3.1 · 1/3 sec. · 4.3 mm · ISO 64


..Bombus Terrestris..
(..Genus / Species..)
ƒ 3.1 · 1/5 sec. · 4.3 mm · ISO 64


..Bumblebee tell me, what can You see?..
(..nothing!! He is dead..)
ƒ 3.1 · 1/3 sec. · 4.3 mm · ISO 64


..Pretty Bombus..
(..like them more while alive but the spiders that live around caught him, he should have entered on the other side, where the majority of flowers and other plants are, usually where a couple different kind of bees come to rest, feed, and get some shade in the hot days..)
ƒ 3.1 · 1/5 sec. · 4.3 mm · ISO 64


..until next one..

❤ You all,
In Lak'ech Ala K'in

Photos shot w/ FUJiFILM FinePix S4000
Photos edited w/ GIMP · GNU Image Manipulation Program Software

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