Australia Day in the City: Reasons why we are so fascinated with fireworks!

in photography •  3 years ago  (edited)

To me, watching fireworks is a pastime best spent with lovely people from all cultures. Such an extensive, diverse range of cultures and community's getting together, seeing those beautiful colours light up the night sky. Like on a warm evening in Elder Park here in my home city of Adelaide, something entirely different.


The chemicals in our brains that enables people to see the array of colours during a fireworks show must be similar to the chemistry that unites people from different background. Something in our brains sees the fireworks that they are transient, and we know they will ultimately come to an end, leaving us wanting to see more.

We are the firework viewer, have no control over the display nor the time they light up our eyes. Even a sizeable cascading rainbow lasts only a few seconds as it hangs in the sky.

To fully appreciate a display, you have to be there like a great gig or a live sporting event. These photos will not convey there pure awesomeness. nor can they reproduce the vibration that you feel in your stomach when the firework explodes in the sky, All syncronised to upbeat music

We enjoy the day that started with a parade through the city, then we made our way over and found a beautiful spot on the banks of the River Torrens to put down the picnic blanket and enjoy the free concert.

I am not a fantastic photographer but do like to learn and experiment, so this day allowed me to take some shot as the light started to fade from sunshine to dusk and night.

The light is slowly fading and shooting into the sun like this make for interesting shadows and light flares. The tour has finished, and they will be taking this giant inflatable down soon, storing it away ready to appear next year

Giant Bike

By the time we made it closer to the park this city tram was moving through the traffic lights, my first shot was way too dark, bumping my ISO up to 400 allowed my canon 5d MkIII to capture this fantastic shot.

City Tram

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I love me some Australia Day...And some fireworks. :)

Its hard to convey the size of that inflatible. The orange fence in front of it is around 2m high.
Really difficult to do justice to sunsets, a large moon; or fireworks. Like you say, you have to be there.

Lol! That's about right! The moon was blood red on New Year's Eve. The photos were pale orange.

One of the best inflatables i have ever seen, It never stops amazing me.

The car in the foreground can provide some scale, but yeah, you're right.

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A great little article with some great photos.
You can also edit these posts after posting if you spot spelling or grammar errors.
Proof reading before you post can save a lot of headaches.

Glad to see you posting here and representing Adelaide on the Steem block-chain.


Thanks buddy, I appreciate all the tips and support from our Adelaide group.

Also, to maximise your chances of getting a decent upvote, try extending the word count out to at least 450 - 550. It's a struggle, but worth it.

good point thanks. you guys are alway's raising the bar for me, (keep it up that's how I get better)

That’s how we all get better. The idea is to find a time to post regular content. I need to get another article out soon. I have a few ideas, just looking for ways to put it all together.

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