Chillin' on the Kayak

in photography •  5 years ago 

Fishing off of a kayak seemed so foreign and difficult at first, but now I have had so much practice with it that it has become second nature.

This particular day was very fun. I got a lot of recreation in all in one day because I went golfing with my dad to a golf course called Silverado, and I got to go fishing with my brother right when I got home from the golf.

The fishing was pretty good too! We didn't catch anything huge, but we did get a lot of solid fish.

Check out one of the fish I caught chillin' in my golf gear:


To the moon,


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It's really beautiful, wonderful photos.

very fun, let alone get a lot of fish, must be very exciting

really nice to know about it,,,,,//////

Looks like a great post,,,,,,,,,thanks......../////////

that's very nice post........//////

wow this is really amazing ........./////////

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Fish ON!

  ·  5 years ago (edited)

Taking a break from cryptos and work is always a good option :)