2012 Throwback

in photography •  5 years ago 

Wow, how the time flies by so quickly is starting to get ridiculous. This is a throwback photo to 2012. That was 6 years ago!

At that time, I was 22 or 23, and my brother @coinexchange was only 18 or 19. This seems like it was only a couple of years ago, and to see the timestamp on my computer when I sent the image over was from 2012 really blew my mind.

During this particular photo, we were all drinking and smoking, and for some reason I decided to take my shirt off. Alcohol tends to make people do silly things. This was a very fun night though, and a great memory to look back on.

I thought it was cool how some our eyes were glowing in the photo as well.

Take a look:


Thanks for the support.

To the moon,


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Da boyz!!!

You are still young. So much more years for you to have fun with your friends and party up, why not.