Out for a walk along the Archipelago

in photography •  2 years ago 

I'm enjoying walking a lot more lately. Have to admit its mostly cause we've been having awesome weather but also taking photos and sharing them with you all here has been a big motivation. The extra bonus of becoming in better shape and healthier after the long winter has also been nice!

I went to this spot today where people usually go swimming in my town - of course the water is really cold still so there was no one swimming but its a great place to go for a walk as well and enjoy the view.

Decided to test a lower quality on the images today but wider photos


So much reed


A friend of mine caught a 10 kg Northern Pike here once


Where the main beach is


I remembered there being this one spot surrounded by water


Here it is! Back off, sun! You're getting too close.







Hope you liked these, I had a fun time taking them! Feel free to follow me for more photos like these and other interesting content.

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Las fotografías, quedaron muy bonitas, donde es?

In these places there is a beautiful landscape and lots of peace