Bayanihan Curation Project Updates: 2018 May 20

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Bayanihan Curation Project Updates: 2018 May 20

The past eight months saw many changes in @bayanihan, and the team is continually doing its best to improve its operations. This post will focus on current updates within @bayanihan, directed on our objectives to:

  1. Find and support Filipino Steemians and
  2. Promote content creation, especially in Filipino and other local Philippine languages.

Particularly, we're going to be expounding on:

  • Curation updates,
  • Support for sub-community projects, and
  • Curator updates.

Curation updates

The @bayanihan team is working to deliver its services to the Philippine Steemit community in the best way possible. In line with this, we have practiced some changes to our curation operations.
  1. We have started [and will continue] featuring excellent posts tagged #philippines and/or #pilipinas by Filipino authors in the past few weeks. 500% worth of upvote weight was distributed to featured posts.
  2. For normal curation operations, we will upvote with a fixed 10%, depending on our voting power.

Posting reminders and tips:

  • Please use the tags #philippines and/or #pilipinas (especially for posts written in Filipino or other local Philippine languages).
  • Always cite your sources properly, if there are any. If you do not have your own pictures to go with your blog, use images from,, and other open-source image websites as much as possible.
  • Be cautious of the information you put out here. Anything relatively personal (including pictures that show your face or details about where you live) posted here on Steemit will forever be on the blockchain.

Extending the blessings: supporting community projects

The Philippine Steemit community keeps growing everyday, and many projects have since been initiated to promote service to the Philippine community. Here, we define community projects as:
  1. Projects aimed at supporting a specific niche and
  2. Personal initiatives including — but not limited to — fundraising and contests benefiting either an individual or the Steemit community.

In this regard, the @bayanihan team has come to an agreement regarding extension of support to community projects. It is expected to begin by the first weekend of June 2018. Below are further details.

How will it work?

  1. Maximum of 10 community projects will be supported by @bayanihan. In case the number of nominated projects exceeds the set threshold, we will consider either a wait-list or an exception.
  2. Selected projects would receive support for 4 weekends. Extension of duration of support is subject to further deliberation depending on a project's progress within the 4 weekends it is involved with @bayanihan and the extent of its need for support.
  3. Support to chosen projects would be given exclusively every Saturday and Sunday, in the form of 100% upvote to their posts.
  4. For each selected project, a maximum of 2 posts per weekend will be upvoted.

Which projects are supported?

At the moment, we have 3 prospective projects, spearheaded by some of our curators. We are open to support 7 more projects, prioritized according to their objectives and action-items.

Table 1. Prospective projects at the moment.

01@artguildph@deveerei▪ bring to attention the astonishing talents of Filipino artists to a wider audience
▪ promote and encourage higher quality art posts and provide contests for artists to join and win.
02@walkofhope@immarojas1▪ bring Music and Arts to the underpriviledged Filipinos in our society, focusing in Visayas and Mindanao, while at the same time exposing the different cultures in different regions to the Steemit community
▪ advocate Steemit Philippines' mission of introducing Steemit to creatives as avenue to showcasing their talents and as a means of extra income
03@onerace@jassennessaj▪ promote Filipino culture and traditions to the Steemit community by supporting posts exhibiting the diversity and beauty of Filipino culture

1posts regarding the Walk of Hope project are currently under @immarojas

Any further questions about these projects and future selected projects can be directed to the project leads.

How to contact @bayanihan regarding sub-community projects?

You can forward your project to us by filling up this form. We will be contacting you via your preferred messaging platform.

Curator updates

We can't end this post just yet! We have a new addition to our team, who is as dedicated as can possibly be. (And yes, she also has a beautiful heart — many from the community can attest to that.) Let us give a warm welcome to... (drum rolls)


@dandalion has been a member of the Steemit community since July 2017 and has shown a lot of love to her fellow Steemians. The rest of the team definitely looks forward to working with her and seeing the positive outcome her addition to the team would bring.

Questions, comments, suggestions?

You can drop them here at the comments section below, or contact any of us privately over at Discord.


@dandalion | @deveerei | @dreamiely | @erangvee | @immarojas | @jassennessaj | @themanualbot
The Bayanihan Curation Team

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LongLive @bayanihan!!!
Congrats Ate @dandalion

Salamat sis! ❤

Thank you, @bayanihan! It is an honor to be part of this project. You have my commitment to work with the whole team in encouraging Filipino content creators in Steemit through your curation effort.

It's our honour to have you Danda!!

thanks for the update.. as part of the walk of hope project I will take note on this one..

Will wait for it then...weekends kuya?

yup po.. no problem po.. will wait nlng po.. thanks

Starts in June kuya.

I am so very impressed with what you do @bayanihan! WOW, what wonderful support your steemit family! Kudos, and more power to your endeavors!

I know you lols...thanks!

Congratulations to mam @dandalion!

thank you sir, @iyanpol12!

Thanks for the update, @bayanihan! Welcome @dandalion, definitely a great addition to this awesome team.

You're welcome @arrliinn, definitely, we can only get better with these changes and with @dandalion on our team, rest assured.

Thank you, @arrliinn!


Thank you, we welcome suggestions, any comments that we could work with and try to deliver.

hi @bayanihan, i would like to know if i can apply for this one? my blog currently promotes financial literacy through stock market investing and will soon add other areas as well. thanks

Is this your project? There is a form to fill for us to review with other sub-community projects.
Keep them coming and we will all learn, earn and retire early to do other stuff, not just do corporate works till death.

yes it is... sure ill fill the form up shortly

You have my 100% support @bayanihan. hope to help others as you helped us. more power ahead. :)

Power ate..for Pinoys!

yes, let's do this. :)

hello @bayanihan! I just would like to ask if you also support fund-raising for improvement/repair of classrooms in public schools? We are actually looking for sponsors who have big hearts and generous enough to help and support our dream of having an improved classroom in our school. Thanks

Hello, @yanzel4lyf! Yes, we would support any type of fundraising, as long as it is -- as people say -- for the greater good (still subject to consensus among all curators, though). ❤ You can start by filling out this form and we'll get back to you as soon as we made a decision. Cheers.

thank you very much for your response. I would be forever grateful if you will be able to help me. I have already filled out the forms. I am hoping to hear from you so soon..God bless!

I have actually posted "upfundme" but sad to say, only some are willing to support it.

You can visit my post in the link below:

Hi Teacher @yanzel4lyf! This is to acknowledge receipt of your submission. Hopefully po we can update you (via the email you provided) within the weekend or next week. Kailan po pala simula ng classes, if you don't mind my asking?

oh thank you so much po..june 4 po yung start ng classes..Brigada eskwela will start from May 28-june 2..

Hello Teacher. Do you have a Discord account where I can reach you (via chat)?

yes I have a discord account...same username with my steemit account..

I really do hope and pray to hear from you soon...☺☺

Hi..i dunno how far is your convo with one of our team but can i advise you to post another one, emphasizing the need for funds, include photos of the floor you want to be fixed...amount you need in $$$ or target amount.
If you can also post daily, specifying that the payouts will go to your fundraising. This is not much but if accumulated, the target amount won't be that far reached.