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PROJECT.HOPE economy - upcoming changes and suggestions for 2022 [DRAFT]

in ph •  4 months ago 

Hello dear friend.

Certainly the changes are necessary, and it is much better to discuss them with the community now that we are in time and not when the situation is unsustainable. I think the creation of a token would bring value to the community, and members would be motivated to be more active to receive it, but I consider appropriate to create strategies to maintain its value, the truth is that I have little experience in this, but perhaps other members have good ideas.
I also believe that reducing to 35% the beneficiary in exchange for commenting on other authors' posts is a great incentive to promote greater engagement and participation, likewise increasing the voting power of the PH account should be a priority, it will be the best way to support the authors' content with good rewards.
If these strategies provide balance and have a positive impact the members will welcome them.

Greetings my friend!

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