Peanut V2 Buy Upvote has started, 100,000 PNUT will be distributed to incentivize users to test

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Peanut V2 starts Buy Upvote Program

PNUT is deployed through Walnut, enabling PNUT's cross-chain migration & PNUT liquidity mining, and enabling delegate SP to mine PNUT and Governance.

Now Pay PNUT Get upvote has started as planned, and you can pay as little as 600 PNUT to buy 10% upvote.

At the same time, the foundation decided to take out 100,000 PNUT as a reward to incentivize users to report bugs in the process of buying upvote; this reward continues until 100,000 PNUT is totally distributed.


Tips for Buy Upvote

  1. You can buy upvote here:
  2. You need to connect Metamask.
  3. Input your post link and PNUT amount:
    a. The post's author must delegate at least 600sp to nutbox.mine;
    b. The post must be your first buying upvote in one day (It's a day in Beijing time. UTC 16:00 is Beijing midnight, and we will update data from then);
    c. The PNUT amount needs to be between 600~6000 ;
  4. Must support as BNB in ​​your wallet.
  5. If the upvote doesn't come at time, please wait. Robot will hang up if nutbox.mine's vp is below 45%.
  6. Refund situation might happen with memo showing why we refund your PNUT:
    a. Robot has already voted your post through PNUT Buy Upvote.
    b. The amount of PNUT you transfer is not between 600~6000;
    c. The post you provide is authored last day;
    d. The post link is a wrong post link.
  7. If you have transferred PNUT and do not receive upvote, Please wait for 24 hours.

Submit a bug guide

Step one: Submit Issue

When you find bugs in the new version of Peanut, go to, click the "New Issue" button at the top right to create a new issue.


Step two: Describe the details of the bug
On the Issue page of GitHub, fill in the bug information as shown in the figure below. Usually, it is needed to provide the phenomenon of the bug and the steps to reproduce the bug. If it is a security-related issue, please contact the Nutbox official members directly instead of recording it here.


Step three: PNUT reward distribution

We will send PNUT every Friday to those who submit valid bugs.

For more information, please join the community:

Nutbox Telegram:

Nutbox Discord:

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