Recent meeting of Mr Justin Dun, Witness, Members of Korean Community and others

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I will post the link to this post below. It contains a transcript of the meeting and a link. Here is my comment on that post, which reflects my opinion.

Hi @glory7

Thank you for posting this summary and documenting the positions of the parties and possible paths forward.

I also appreciate those in the Korean community who were willing to arrange this meeting. I hope their efforts bear good fruit.

I also appreciate your attitude about positive and respectful interactions.

I have listened to the meetings thus far, and while I understand the reasons for emotion, I hope the intelligent parties can suppress those emotions and work towards a trustless solution.

I personally think Justin Sun’s position of giving up his witness votes in exchange for a promise not to vote for witnesses can be accomplished by making them NFT Tokens which would have all rights and characteristics of non-NFT tokens like powering up, selling them, transferring them, etc. Likewise the same HardFork could code away the ability to freeze funds and we could vote as a community to agree that it wouldn’t be done again. I think the remaining issue of funding development can be negotiated also. If the transcripts of the previous meetings are accurate, Mr Justin Sun is already on record offering 25% of his Steemit Inc stake for development in return for guarantees of not freezing his stake in the feature. This offer by him is very significant and should not be ignored as it is a very large amount of Steem which could fund an enormous amount of development. This resolution and funding of development should have a positive impact in Stern’s price and the currently delayed projects like SMT and improving the sign-up process could finally be achieved.

I believe the metaphor/ idiom “Hope springs eternal” as long as there are calm reasonable parties willing to compromise we can resolve this. It’s difficult in a decentralized environment, but not impossible.

I feel if we can stick to respectful and polite dialogue concerning these issues we can close this chapter in our history and move on to our other challenges.


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I agree with the spirit of this post.
We need to find common ground and areas where we could compromise. The idea ah bout NFTs is interesting. I wish I had thought of that...


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This is very thoughtful post.