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We have been earning steem token using Partiko app to post on steemit, Partiko has released a new app called BuzzBreak. BuzzBreak allows you to earn real cash (earning crypto will be supported in the near future) by reading news stories. Overall the concept of the application is simple, for each ad you watch you receive points, these points can then be exchanged for cash rewards directly to your Paypal account.

As a special promotion during the launch of their new app, the team are running a contest to win 1000 Steem. The contest will be based on your ranking after a week, the more points you get the higher the chance you have off winning the grand prize of 200 Steem. They will be offering the following prizes based on your rank:

  • Ranking #1 in BuzzBreak will get 200 STEEM
  • Ranking #2 in BuzzBreak will get 100 STEEM
  • Ranking #3 in BuzzBreak will get 50 STEEM
  • Ranking #4 to #10 in BuzzBreak will get 20 STEEM
  • Ranking #11 to #50 in BuzzBreak will get 10 STEEM
  • Ranking #51 to #100 in BuzzBreak will get 5 STEEM

Currently you can earn points to boost your rank in two ways:

  1. Referring People
  2. Watching Ads

Note: You also get some bonus points for signing up.

If you interested in signing up you can use my referral code to get 200 extra points, you can find my referral code here:

Referral Code: B00090407

You can read more about their new app in their announcement here:


and you can download the app from the play store here:


Currently the application is only available on Android, but they plan to offer an iOS version in the near future.

Join BuzzBreak Today!

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This is quite interesting (I missed the announcement two weeks ago), but it seems to be a little out of date (the competition seems to over with winners announced: https://partiko.app/buzzbreak/congratulations-to-the-winners?referrer=felt.buzz). And BuzzBreak haven't posted anything on their steem page for a week. I can't really resteem or tweet your post as it doesn't contain up to date information.

Sorry for any disappointment, I hope you are having a good weekend.

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Ma bad. thanks for the observation. Apologizes

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