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On steemit, many small accounts struggle to participate and are limited by a lot of factors. With low steem power they don't have enough rc's to comment, write and post articles.
Efforts to grow their accounts tends to be an uphill task (though not unsurmountable).
These small accounts have a lot of value to offer and add to the steemit community besides making money, as such have benefited or will benefit from the effort of other steemians who have strived to make a difference through DELEGATION, FREE RESTEEM, MINNOWS ACCOUNT UPVOTE.

My acknowledgement goes to @giftgiver for 3days temporary delegation of 15SP to small accounts in need of emergency rc's . I read about this delegation on
by @pepijin and it turned out to be true. has also done a good job by bringing awareness about the limitations of the small acounts and offering ways to help.

@partiko has done a good job too for awarding points on their app to reward activities on steemit which are redeemed into steem tokens.

My appreciation goes to all steemians who have given free resteem, upvote and delegations to help grow small accounts in the steemit community which i might fail to mention.

#Giftgiver delegation


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@everosy You have only 1x resteem+upvote left. Please re-subscribe sending 0.5 and 'pizza' in memo to get 30 more resteems + 30x $~0.02 upvotes

Or if you want infinite daily resteem + daily $~0.02 upvote you can simply delegate 30 SP with this link.
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Thanks for the mention. I've resteemed upvoted and tweeted this post.
I post every day asking for people to drop links to their posts. Perhaps in future you could drop a link on a more recent post (the one you commented on was at least a week old. this is today's post for example
Have a good rest of the weekend

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Thanks for the support. I'll do just that.

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First of all, you're putting-up good contents and you write well. So, keep it up.

It's true that new users who doesn't have a connection in this network will have a hard time to get noticed however, there is more possiblity to be successful now compared to before. We already have Dapps that will support contents and authors for a specific type of interest: @steemhunt, @actifit, @ntopaz, @tasteem, @utopian-io, @dlike, @dcooperation, @dclick, @dtube, @steempress-io ...etc

If you know a new user who's having difficulty, please lead them to those Dapps. I personally benefit from Dapps just by participating to the task request, contests, & engagement.

Anything is possible here in Steem, just be creative, & enjoy ;) Please help spread the word...

Try gift for SP support, write yourself (be a freewriter see @mariannewest for a daily prompt) and see @paulag her redfish league and ask to let you in!

Good luck.

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