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manufacturing a concern.

who has the option that will get rid of TRUMP by putting him in jail? many more people will die en mass under him. all of you, more than likely, it is SO, conney

1 example slockit

the leakers are trickling out now

many better follow

I have been here a long time. longer than most in slockit


i may have forgotten to report an ejaculation in georgia

I own you. but NOT the graphics here on your background. I WILL LEAVE IT LIKE this FOR A FEW. the owner is welcome to change it to whatever they want. I hope its a spring of leaks. My OWN graphics are going there soon.

the owner is at this link.

i think. you figure it out silly



horse racing going on with OUR court @ NOW

now TRUMP is going to say he did this to make you skinny.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)