Lakeside Spacing Out

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I spent a day or so recently spacing out next to a lake, and it was quite relaxing.

While we were lounging about, we were greeted by a squad of four fearless ducks. They approached us so closely. The sign nearby was clearly marked "Do not feed the ducks". Not that they needed it. Acorns were dropping everywhere and they were happily consuming the ones they were able to crack open with their beaks. And we definitely did not assist them in maybe one or two of those...

The Fab Five

I also did kayaking in the lake. The waves were a bit choppy from the wake of motorboats, which made it interesting and slightly terrifying. It was a perfect sunny day, and I rowed out to the open lake and spaced out some more. The water was cool to the touch, and the waves were mesmerizing. Unfortunately, the space out time wasn't long. Most of the time was spent in tired paddling.

Lately, I've been mentally tired from everything. The lake was a good opportunity to reset but I don't think it was enough.

Spacing out... so yeah, that would probably have been nice, if I was actually spacing out. Half the time I had the phone in hand (not while kayaking. That was truly a zombie moment), and I'm just flipping around and distracting my brain and also thinking about all the tasks that I have yet to do.

What to do, what to do. Phones are so addicting. And the thing is, I've found ways to handle more and more tasks while on the phone. So sometimes it looks like I'm just playing and addicted to it when in some cases I'm actually setting things up for work. But I don't even know why I do it because it is far less efficient. Oh wait... Sometimes it's to make use of time when I don't have a computer. But that just tells me I need to step back a bit and have better defined times when I am working and not working. Terrible balance right now.

One thing though was that where we stayed didn't have good coffee. So we trekked out a bit and seeked it out. It's still next to the lake.

Bears drinking coffee

"Spacing out" is better when you have coffee and bears.

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And when you feel like you've had your share of relaxation, come have a conversation with transisto to balance things out

I think that would be fine with enough wine.

On an aside, Yikes. This post doesn't deserve to be anywhere near trending. That time factor is what's doing it right now, along with auto. Interesting... It'll disappear from there in a bit.

Shh, don't tell people

They might catch on to the fact that I'm actually a secret bid bot

Secret bid bot 🤔 it all makes so much sense now. AI bid bot abuse will destroy steem 😂

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Because I dig your profile heading. 👍🏿

Lol, from someone who will never see trending, just kick back and keep enjoying..

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From an outside perspective it just isn't right. Alright alright, I'll just enjoy it. And be grateful for it of course. For now :)

Hey from what I can tell you aren't that far off. I bet it'll happen to you in the near future.

If we don't get enough dialogue going here you're going to end up in Asher's post over 30 dollars with little engagement haha..

In all seriousness though, don't overthink things and I hope you find some balance between work and play.

At least you have found good coffee, that always helps.. I am just getting going here and woke up recalling a dream where I was just meditating at some incredible Buddhist temple. The first thing my wife said to me was who were you fighting in your dreams, you almost punched me off the bed 😂

Where is that balance ? I thought I'd had a night full of dream zen !

The trending page might not be unattainable, I appreciate you pointing that out and I humbly acknowledge there is potential there now. I'm definitely not morally able to justify posting whatever anymore. I'm actually editing and attempting to create something meaningful and positive whereas before I had no issue hitting the post button after achieving that's good enough status after 10 minutes..

Enjoy the rest of your respite!

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Haha I didn't know he had one. That's fun. I am a tad under as of now. Whew safe. (edit)

I know that feeling, "ah good enough, smack the post button". Yeah I do think it's fine not to over think it. I mean, that's what downvotes are for anywho.

But that's odd. You thought you were dream meditating but outside you were flailing about? Could have been in a different dream.

You were at this awesome lake and you spent your time on the phone? 😊
You should remind yourself why you were there in the first place - because you are mentally tired and you need a break. So, you should just leave everything behind and relax. 😊

Hi I'm @eonwarped and I am addicted to Steem

I did partake in the lake activities though so not all loss :)

Ah, that explains it. 😊

You a actually take time relaxing.....nice...sorry the coffee was not good

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It's okay we did find some good bear coffee

Looks like heaven right there. Do a little fishing and have very little cares in the world.

Some people were fishing on the kayak. That looks cool Never been a fishing person myself. Had some bad experiences. Maybe someday I'll revisit it.

Looks like such a lovely place to have a breather @eonwarped. They say that in order to change a habit you have to do it for 28 days though ~ And consistent days too.

So three days would just be the first stage of your body unwinding and starting to become more aware of your inner needs and outer surroundings, without the constant demand/influence that our computers and phones are putting on us.

We create it, but it does become an addictive pattern, that's extremely hard to find the balance for. Which is why at some stage it would be good to listen to your body's needs for more than 3 days time out.

I'm working towards being able to take a week away somewhere/sometime, doesn't matter where as long as I can go w/o my phone for a while. But it's a BIG ask, I know. Must have been great to have your coffee with the bears.

Good advice haha... One of these days... Bear coffee was good though yes.

Enjoyed your writing. At least you spaced out long enough to realize what the answer is...balance and more space out time. Problem solved.

Looks like a lovely place to relax.. Enjoy it!

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