Steemit Congrats... You've Succeeded In Removing Spam! And Me!

in palnet •  3 years ago 

Dear Steemit,

I spent almost 2 years here and didn't power down once... I vote 2126 SP... And my vote is not worth anything. Its ok, I get half of it though.

Ohhhh shit, I just realized half of nothing is still nothing!

This is the nail in the coffin... You guys are truly clueless.

Hey, on the bright side... at least there is no SPAM anymore!

ps... I thought the free downvote idea was stupid because people would get upset at getting downvoted. But now I realize that you planned on driving everyone away first. Its actually brilliant. "No spam and free downvotes", I bet the people left will be in heaven!

pps... My personal powerdown is starting now!

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Sorry to hear. You were one of my first contacts on Steem.
I'm waiting to see how it pans out.

I hope it turns out better than it started for your sake and many others @apshamilton... I do love some of the things they did, and I'll keep my eyes open too (in case they fix things).

I wish you the best and hopefully this is just a bad bump in a much bigger road ahead!!! :)

Ah man, I have only just opened steem since the hf so I haven't seen the impact yet. Shit dude. I dont know what to say.

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:) ... you are one of the people I truly respect Paula. I know you are there trying to fight the "good fight" every day, and I truly hope you win... I don't have much faith in the people that make these changes, but if things ever get bad enough maybe they will listen one day. If I they would ever listen, I would say they need to speak directly to you and Asher and find out what makes people tick. (there is too much geek and not enough common sense imo)

I'll still be around if you need me (or I can help you), so just tag me if so... or better yet just message me on discord anytime! :)

You could be a curator, the return will be up to around 8% now, hard to get that anywhere else.

I've always appreciated your thoughts @slobberchops... While we didn't directly have too much interaction, I certainly remember you well as you have a very rememberable name and icon :) ... Good luck to you always and thanks for the advice for sure!!!

I can still battle you in SteemMonsters, it's happened several times. Good luck too, hope to see you back one day.

lol yes of course... You will definitely see me around for sure, I really enjoy SM! :D

Personally I'm going to watch how things shake out over the next couple of weeks, but I'm pretty sure even Stevie Wonder could see the downsides of the proposed changes in this Hardfork

Hey Sparkesy43... I'm always happy to hear from you... and yes, I think you are wise to see what happens... And while of course I had an idea of how bad it would be, its like a cold shower to wake me up when I see the vote value (and realize its wasted).

I am still super excited about Splinterlands though, so I guess I should be thankful to Steemit decision makers for at least enabling that game to flourish on their platform.

I hope you are not trying to say goodbye so soon?

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I will watch how it goes. But if they take away all the vote value of the minnows and below, then I feel they will eventually lose people's interest. Maybe it will work out as they hope and all the abuse will add value back to others, but we will see!

Damn chief... Head over to Trybe I say. It's a blast with less drama than exist around these parts. Don't get me wrong, steemit has some great folks and it does suck that some are flagged indiscriminately.... much like in society there's difficult folks no matter where you go. Stuff like SM and some of the awesome relationships that have been forged will be worth a visit, but your creative efforts as well as leadership qualities will be respected wherever you apply them and over time far better block chain social media outlets will crop up. I think we once discussed how steemit was just a beta to see how this concept would work out. ... in truth I don't believe anyone wanted it to truly take off or it wouldn't continue to be restructured to fail. But hey... time will tell my friend. Things could be getting worse before they get better. Like you said, we can only watch and wait.

I hope you see this before you leave for good. Im fairly new here and have very few posts but useca goid hslf my votes on a daily basis since joining.
Tye point is steemit is not tge only blockchain platform. I'm also on blockstack and the people there are awesome. I hope you come by and check us out. It is a truly decentralized platform.

Hey, whatsup here...

You do realize the reward pool is still adjusting right? It has to recalculate the averages and what you vote is today is not what it will be in the future.


^ look at the bidbot usage... It's almost nothing. The downvotes happening are though the roof.

Leave if you like, but the HF impacts haven't started yet.

One week from the hf we will see the first post payouts. ... After those and the dvs hit... the averages that calculate voting weight will begin to adjust.

Looking forward to seeing how it goes!

Thank you for the information @adsup and for the attempt to help me see the impact properly. I will in fact keep my eyes open and see if what you are pointing out works that way. Either way, I still appreciate your taking the time to "help me". :)

ps...I do hope Steem and Steemit succeeds, I have many friends here with much more than me and no matter what I do, I definitely hope they come out well in the end!

Hey, @davemccoy.

So, no more splinterlands, too? I guess you don't need to hold SP for that, but anyway, I'm thinking you're still going to hang somewhat around for that since you haven't really been blogging a whole lot anyway.

I'm waiting to see the effects of the first payout here in about half an hour. It's looking like 50% of what it was going to make, which was essentially 0.52 STEEM (now showing as a total of 0.26 STEEM on steemworld).

I thought I'd wait until I see the actual payout before I go ballistic. :)

If I'd been smart, I would be tracking someone amidst the higher SP to see if there payouts actually went up. Obviously, some of it is going to curation. Which by the way, according to steemworld, my total curation payout went up from just under 3 SP to 6.5 SP. :)

Okay, the curation reward just came in. Said I would get 0.51 SP on steemworld, but it was actually 0.35—better than usual, but anyway.

If this is goodbye, I wish you would wait a little anyway to see how this actually recalibrates, but if it is, I'm happy to have had the opportunity to talk with you, and I wish you well in whatever other undertaking you decide to do.

You are right in that I will still be around (on discord and sometimes on here if I get tagged)... So you can always get me Glen...

And even though I think the place is likely to die due to these dumbass decisions, I hope that Steem remains alive so that the steem-engine and splinterlands continue. And yes, I do plan on sticking with Splinterlands... That is a something that I think has really great potential still.

And same to you on the opportunity to meet you. One day maybe we will even run into each other in the real world. If I ever get out to the west coast, I will definitely look you up!

Also I wish you the best in EVERYTHING you do... You're one of the people in life that I would be proud to say I've had the pleasure to get to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, free downvote idea is stupid but they need it for more circlejerking.

Good luck sir.

Thank you @boosta... And yep, I agree!

ps... thanks for that vote, its an honor to receive it!

I have a different opinion about this new downvote system.. now I have reason to dv an spt which only post a single line or photo like on facebook or instagram😂 or some posts which use #spt but the content was about house building.

For me... that's okay if you are stupid, but not Greedy😆. You haven't post a lot too @davemccoy 😉 I think you'd better help people through dusty.

Cici, as long as you are having fun, then I think you should always do what makes you smile! I see your comments many times when I need to empty my VP and go to your page. You really have many friends and enjoy yourself. I completely support that and don't ever want to take that shine off your smile!

and ps... I will still continue to vote the people that are awesome, so I will still give what vote I have to you for sure ;)

I saw the notification about you're wasting VP on my comments😂 you're just like dusty's free service😆. Thank you.

I don't have many friends, but I like to read and shared my opinions freely, i don't care about the vote or flag anymore. There are many people out there who love to help and promote their communities, while I only knew people from old newbiegames and I stick with them for fun. I think my only benefit from steemit is coming from my ignorance to earn more and more while I know my limited capacity to take it, LOL.

So glad that I have splintersland to enjoy, no contests but fun.

lol... I'm always happy to "waste" VP on your comments! I like to read them (even the ones in a language I don't know) :P

... and yes the people are what kept me around for a long time. If it wasn't for Steemit, I wouldn't have met you Cici! (the best Captain in the world) ;)

You have to attribute some of that to steem price being in the shitter. You should kick off your shoes and stay a while, for entertainment value if anything. Better yet, take a step back, cancel your power down and just follow the @curie trail and vote it 100% for a while. Come back in 6 months.

A dozen people joined the SFR discord within minutes (in a few cases) asking how they can help fight abuse on STEEM. Most mentioned it was because of the 'free downvotes'. I now see people downvoting that were otherwise idle before because they wanted to preserve their upvote for followers. There's a lot of pent up energy that's being released in my opinion.

The people who get the bulk of the downvotes should leave, and it's okay if they get upset. If people are are upset because they are getting downvoted without cause or for retaliation, I want to know about (along with others) that so I can help restore some of those rewards.

I sent them to you from Splinterlands.

thanks for the comments @joshman.

when you say people are fighting abuse, are they fighting the whales that abuse this place (we all know who those accounts are) or are they just attacking the little guys that wander in and out from time to time?

And thanks again for the advice!

when you say people are fighting abuse, are they fighting the whales that abuse this place

I think the momentum is heading in that direction. You could also use your stake to further that cause as well-- it all adds up. If you don't really need to sell the steem, keep your powder dry, because I think those efforts are forthcoming.

I don't need to sell, I'll just keep it liquid and power it up if there is ever a good purpose. I won't remove any more delegations either. I'll watch and see what develops, and of course will be happy if they can make something solid happen!

Sad to read this post. I have no idea what's going on, I've been inactive for some time. I just got back and will even go to Steemfest. I'm just reading some posts now especially regarding the downvotes and upvote value on comments.

In any case, I will continue blogging in my website and will re-post it here. Although my time will be more dedicated elsewhere.

I hope you're doing well!

Hey @wanderlass... its been a very long time and I've missed you! I hope you are doing well, I've often wondered how your life has been going as I knew how passionate you were towards everything you were doing.

Its great to see you are going to be back blogging on your website, if you drop me the links on discord, I'll always stop by and read them.

And as far as you being dedicated elsewhere, I think anything you decide to put your mind behind is something that must be good... So go for it!!!

Hope you are doing well too and what a nice surprise to connect to you again! Stay in touch :)

I have no concrete plans yet. I just quit my corporate job, that's the sure good one :D Sure will keep in touch through discord

Well, I definitely wish you the best for sure... I don't know whether to congratulate you or not on the job quitting, but if you're happy then I am!

ps... I still can't get over the fact that you showed up on my post about leaving! You are my first friend here and I'm still thankful I joined because I met wonderful people that I will never forget :) (just like you)


I say you should wait to see how it works out.
Besides I do not believe the steem token is the future of this platform. It certainly isn't going to be the cornerstone of SteemPeak. We can not afford to live and die on the ups and downs of one token.

Glad to hear that you guys are diversifying Jarvie, I do believe the other tokens have potential far greater than Steem at this point... And I'll still be around SM, you can't get rid of me that easily! :D

Let's be honest you left SM as well... I'm sure steempeak will do something awesome that will get you back as well.

My aim is bring in a whole new breed of users that just want a solid content posting system social-blogging and the token stuff will just be a perk to them "oh hey this steem thing is cute... but not why i'm here" ;) haha

I didn't leave SM... I just don't talk as much in discord as I've been busier at work... But I actually am playing my cards more than ever and excited for the guild battles and new decks to come out by the end of the year.

And I can tell you for sure that you DEFINITELY HAVE A GREAT GRASP of what users want... Steemit Inc should hire you full time to get them moving in the right direction.... I'm super impressed with what you've done with Peakmonsters, you guys are aces when it comes to providing a terrific user experience!

As copied from a @smooth comment below @steemitblog's latest post:

Votes don't have a constant value any more. It depends on the amount of stake (SP) voting on a particular item of content. When making a small vote on an unvoted item, the value will appear smaller and when combined with other votes it will be larger. The details are in one of the links from main post.

It's part of the changes :-) Just wanted to clarify, might be that I'm not able to take away your anger as I know that's been coming for a long time, but just want everyone to understand that is happening ;-)

You've been awesome always to me and a tremendous advocate for the platform @soyrosa! Thank you for the information and for trying to help me to see how this will shape up. I'll keep my eyes open, and honestly I hope it works out for good people like you that deserve to be rewarded for your always helpful and friendly ways!

:-) Thanks for the nice words. Steem taught me some patience - I'm just sitting back and observing while this experiment develops. Hope you see what you've built here regardless of all kinds of technical changes: a lot of interaction which means friends who care. Cheers!

The interactions with friends is what has kept me going. You are right about that for sure :D

Have a wonderful evening @soyrosa!!!

I never thought I would see this day that you give up. Makes me sad, but I know I will still see you on SteemMonsters.

I just made a small contest post to see the impact of the hardfork. I am not able to comprehend how losing 25% author curation is good for me or any content creator. And the icing on the cake is that STEEM is at an all-time low.

You will indeed still see me Mello! ;)

And I hope I'm wrong about the impact of these changes, but my gut tells me its a pretty big negative. There are others in the comment section that think I have it wrong, so I hope they are right! I can live with being wrong about this for sure! :)

Let me know how your posts work out over time... you should have a great handle on it with all your contests data over time!

btw, I picked my fantasy football team for the first time in 10 years (I rejoined a league I used to play in)

My team is on the old side, but here it is:

non-ppr 12 team league

Aaron Rodgers
Matt Stafford Backup

James Connor
Davonta Freeman
Andrian Peterson backup

Tyreek Hill
AJ Green
Emanuel Sanders
Sammy Watkins
Alshon Jeffrey

I got a D ranking by the computer and a 10th place computer score... But at least I'm back watching football again after a long hiatus! :D

I am so happy to see that you are back in fantasy football. It's one of my favorite time of the year. That is a great looking team despite the "D" report card. The computer knows jack about football anyways. Were you happy with draft? I love your Aaron Rodgers, Tyreek Hill, and James Connor. My gut says you will do well this season and I hope you enjoy it.

If you are interested in joining another one, I am in a 14-PPR league called STEEM Powered. Cost is 24 SBD and draft is tomorrow, 8/31/2019 @ 9:00 PM EST. I will forward the info if you are interested or know someone who might be. Otherwise we will have to cut one team and make it a 12 PPR.

Here is my team for a 10-PPR league at work. I lost phone reception during one of my picks and autodrafted a 2nd kicker, haha.

Oh wow, that is awesome... I can't believe you got all those guys... Zeke, Antonio Brown, and Tyreek... They were all gone in our league by the 20th pick.... And I was going to go with deshaun watson if I was able to get D Hopkins if I got an early pick... He was gone when I went 8th, so I had to go a different route.

On the other league, I'd play but don't have the sbd liquid yet.... So it would depend on when the cash is due... I wouldn't want to sell cards, but I am powering down and could send it in about 4 or 5 weeks, or I could send the cash equivalent via paypal too if they take that.

Let me know, I am ok with either way... I just a few days to decided to do it once :P

I will email you the invitation, after you review he league rules, you can let me know if you are still interested in joining. I will front you and you can pay me whenever you are liquid, no worries. The cost is $20 USD, which is equivalent to 24 SBD when we locked it in.

ok cool... I'll send you the $20 via paypal... send me your email on discord that is attached to your paypal and I'll send it tonight...

If you must though, i completely understand. i don't know what to think of the HF yet. but i'm still hoping for the best. and with helping all these new friends i can't go anywhere right now if i wanted too. But if i may...i would hold your Steem as who knows what will happen. And since i think you earned most of yours it didn't cost much money. regardless, are you still going to do steemmonsters and stay around on discord? and will you still be doing FOG? i love you brother and hopefully things will get better!

:) ... thanks @johndoer123...

I have had enough of the steemit decision makers and doubt I'll do much on it without being "tagged" or something. I will keep my eyes open on the developments, but not very optimistic given the realization of the actual implementation. I hope I'm wrong and want to see people like you succeed. The platform has much promise, but it will take them to fix their last few horrible turns to right the ship going forward (IMO).

and of course I'm going to do SM, I still really enjoy the game and of course our guild. I spend far more time on it than I do on Steemit as it is.

Also I will keep doing FOG, that is out of respect for @fulltimegeek and the Stewards he selected. So while I am unhappy with Steemit Inc, I will not stop respecting the people that deserve it!!! :)

Hope the farm is going well JD, and I'm sure you will see me soon on discord!

it will effect minnows still you can make good money if bots start giving vote according to 50% curation then first you buy upvote from bot to boost your post then selfwork :D

thanks for the good effort @lays... I appreciate the try, but I am not going to buy upvotes and go through that whole process again. I've seen the whole rise and fall, played with all the different things (like upvote bots), and in the end I've realized that they don't know how to run a social platform.

listen eth or other coins not giving reward for holding but steem is giving the less spam less earning mean the more difficult to earn on steem which will increase the value of steem

I hope you're right. I have many people that I will be happy for if steem ever rises to new highs again! ;)

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yes me too @steemitboard... Sadly too, because this place used to be my favorite thing to do and I had very very high hopes for it... but the people that had the large stakes never took the time to listen to the small frys and one by one all my friends left. Its truly a shame and we lost a tremendous opportunity together.

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