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If 'this post is hidden due to low ratings' that usually means one or two accounts voted against while all of the million+ others did not. Theres no safety risk, just 'click to reveal' the data, explanations, numbers and everything in the post(s) - Steemit is a bit peculiar, opinion weighs as much as your wallet ...

The less a writer discusses his work—and himself—the better. The master chef slaughters no chickens in the dining room; the doctor writes prescriptions in Latin; the magician hides his hinges, mirrors, and trapdoors with the utmost care.(Jack Vance)

Goldman Morgan,
the vaultkeeper of Tyrnannoght

Today is Blüming, 28, Year of the Will'o wisp
total number of internal wallets : 162
  • number of client accounts : 125
  • number of player accounts : 1
  • number of npc accounts : 8
  • number of zone accounts : 9
  • number of sponsor accounts : 13
  • number of trader accounts : 1
  • number of investor accounts : 5

  1. Blüming, 26 : on top , the goldmanmorgan site works, but its far from polished. Login/Registering (for steem only so far - im not sure how the tug-of-war will evolve and the point is : no comment - but if possible as long as the system remains what it is it should support steem + hive + the new one (IF that launches) and every possible clone that adheres to the system any of those wallets could be incorporate to play the game with real crypto). The four account types are present and votes are tracked via an online machine towards the tables, files and databases. Alas : the game client has only just started to develop and the other three account types are fairly useless without anything to trade ... but it works , last time i checked. For various reasons a combo of standard + patreon-type voluntary seems to be the way to go. Explaining all that why is pointless too because it is what it is and SO we go from there. Which leaves me and my supreme marketing skills exactly in the same spot but that has nothing to do with anytyhing. Doing the game is something i'll be doing anyway so support is appreciated however it comes. If anyone actually ever plays it ? That would be even better ;-)
  2. Blüming, 26 : in short : after some sound and actual advice it actually seems like a practical idea to completely remove personal opinion, issues and business from the game-site and that's what's going to happen from here . Might be a tough cookie at first (for me it is) but im just gonna have to b/c i wanna (now at least grins).

    1. (Thethawing, 2) steemitboard sent an emissary to the house of Morgan (one or more vault stash increased severe experimental , will happen at cycle)
    2. (Thethawing, 2) Steemplayer sent an emissary to the house of Morgan (one or more vault stash increased severe experimental , will happen at cycle)
    3. (Thethawing, 2) Cat of Shadows sent an emissary to the house of Morgan (one or more vault stash increased severe experimental , will happen at cycle)
    4. (Mörsgyr, 11) Saraswathi sent an expedition into the Western Tunnels (+10 gold to zone funds severe experimental)
    5. (Mörsgyr, 8) Lady of the Slain was seen whipping a henchman through the Western Tunnels in training (+10 gold to zone funds severe experimental)


    #tyrnannoght #creativecoin #steemace #mediaofficials #programming #gamedev #graphics #coding #simulation #game #rpg #goldmanmorgan #nbc #income-token #design #c-squared #curie #creativecrypto #sndbox #palnet #neoxian #marlians #smartsteem #upmewhale #therising #tipu is that a tag or a mention you want its not clear always

    the manual


    v0.2 : the @goldmanmorgan manual

    pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/alleycatd0033/

    twitter : https://twitter.com/tyrnannoght

    The Youtube Channel (click)

    any questions about anything, you can drop a note on telegram at : https://t.me/tyrnannoght

    any kind of abuse (spoofed email spam or anything at all), please drop a note to report at : https://t.me/tyr_abusereports
    (i had a few sending mails that according to any outlook user would look like theyre coming from my site, mostly from tencent cloud before but after my run-in with the polish anti sbi-squad now from a mailserver from an Austrian company, if you experience anything like that related to any of the games or websites, please do let us know, trying very hard to not even be able to be accused of anything (like NOT using steemconnect or any kind of cookies that store anything at all, NOT asking steemkeys and so on) but theres no defense against trolls, downvoters or scriptkiddies as most user wouldnt even bother checking, but IN CASE : then the channel IS there

    Trying to shorten the post to save rc , so : The goldmanmorgan how and what , here :

    The @goldmanmorgan why , on @tyrnannoght and here :

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    all copyright and wrong reserved : 1973-2150, Alleycat.be
    pushed in your face with Fri May 22 01:30:02 UTC 2020

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