Future Media Vision Investment Token

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Draticornix Idraya

Name : Future Media Vision Investment
Ticker: FMVI
Purchase link: https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=FMVI

Founding the Future Media Vision projects, getting investments on the biggest expanses to lead the project to success. The tokens will be sold at 1 steemp / token and will be brought back monthly with 20% of the benefices from the FMV projects after the launch of the FWV platform.

More about the goals: https://steempeak.com/palnet/@djennyfloro/creating-a-token-giving-news-and-advance

About FMV:

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PS: if you want to help these project grow but wish not to invest directly, you can:
-- Delegate power (even 1 SP helps and counts) to @djenny.floro, that upvote my posts & will upvote the webnovel,
-- Resteem the posts & webnovel to help them gain exposure!
-- Engage in discussion about it on my posts, so to help in the form of opinions, points to think about, etc...
-- My Patreon page.

Of course, you are also welcome to do all three :P!


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Just bought few tokens for fun purpose :)

Thank you so much @crypto.piotr,
I'm honored that one of those who mentored me about how to use steem participate in this!

I wish the project#hope (@project.hope) to see a grand success too!

have fun,

Greetings, I vote for the success of the project.

Unfortunately I am not able to invest at this time, but I will try to share the information with my acquaintances and disseminate it to provide support.

Greetings @pedrobrito2004,

You have my sincerest gratitude for spreading the information. It is also a great help! I wish you an excellent day!

It's not worth gold, but please accept my upvote as a gift!