I stumbled upon some 100 yr old photos and I colorized a few

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About 2 months ago I got a message from someone who was asking me if I'd be interested in some photo negatives or else she will throw them away.
Being in love with analog photography, I said "send them to me". A few days later a small parcel arrived and inside were about 40 negatives.


I tried looking at them against the light but I couldn't distinguish much so I went to a friend of mine who works at a museum and has access to a film scanner.
What we found out blew our minds...well mostly his mind :)


What I was holding in my hands were some one of a kind photos that were taken about 100 years ago during the first archeological digs at the Dacian citadels Sarmizegetusa and Costesti Cetatuie.


Needless to say, the museum wanted the photos for safe keeping and further research but I managed to get the scans for my archive and one day I fiddled around Photoshop and tried to colorize a few of them.


This was the first time when I attempted to colorize a black and white photo but I'm rather pleased with the result.


The colorizing took a bit of time because I couldn't find any images from that period to reference some color samples.
I'll try and look for the project files and I'll be back with the steps I took to get to this results.

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