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cery nice! but why are the upvotes green and not blue?

Hey @kassixo told me about your work helping steem users get onboard in Estonia!

I would like to see if we can use those domains you reserved? we can buiild something great!

I own if anyone wants to do something with it :P
google facebook twitter amalgam :\ haha

haha I'd purchase it :P If I had the money... :(

Nah dont pu4chade that terrible domain just make your own for 1 dollar ill give u free subdomains


Help us too

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@ackza sure ihave the same question but why are the upvotes green and not blue?

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õntsa põntsa või põntsa õntsa?

kassi väitis et siint saab tasuta raha, veibi vedla jaoks

mina küll sinu asemel teeks gifide asemel kerged kurikad

maa on robot, mitte lame kuradima lohhid

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Very clever and very cool! Thanks.

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Picture funy i like .good job my frends

Very good. But why are the upvotes green and not blue? Thanks from @hamidul

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nice meme,(y)@ubg

Beautiful and funny animated images, thanks for sharing and greetings.

So funny posting for me.

hahaha lets all go green

hahaha :D


This is how you Go Green ✌


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advance Happy New Year - 2018

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I like this article good job

Lmao this post is literally my life! I love it here.

Very nice. I like all these !!!Thanks for posting!

great gif @ubg thanks you

I wish I could make gif as well!
Must look up YouTube one day!
Nice work!lots of green!

How come you have some many upvotes and just three dollars in rewards?

kikiki lovely!!

wow, cool gif

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Ha, ha, ha. Funny. Very well. Thanks for sharing, ubg.

These gifs are great.
Did you make all of them? Is it okay to use one in a post now and then?
I will link back to your blog feed if I do.

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Great just because you made it fun..

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So funny

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Lol, original as which software you use to create this gifs?

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If you ever have a Keg of Beer without a tap, now we know what to do! hahaha. Cool @ubg.

@ubg WOW ..!! what ill say just I love these characters.
keep it up.
i just followed you to see your more articles like this in the #Future

Cheers :)
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Amazing post

Made me smile ... cool ... thanks for your vote as well

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a pretty good animated story, let alone about the beneficial process of survival in reforestation, incredible ...
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