Official Notice on the Postponing of Peanut's Migration to BSC Network

in nutbox •  2 months ago  (edited)

As Walnut's contract is about to be redeployed, the Peanut committee has thoughtfully discussed and decided to postpone Peanut's migration to the BSC network. Related details as follows:

  1. Slowing the pace of Peanut's migration to BSC Network, that is, postponing this scheme: 《Regarding the Burning of PNUT, the Airdrop of NUT and the 1:1 Swap Channel Provided by the Peanut.committee》。
  2. After the Walnut Platform has been redeployed, Peanut's migration to BSC network will be reinitiated;
  3. The total amount of NUT to be distributed through the three modes of Staking PNUT-WBNB LP mint NUT, Staking PNUT mint NUT and the NUT Airdrop for PNUT Holders will still be 5 Million, which will be gradually initiated after Peanut's migration to BSC Network;

Peanut is a community staking platform based on the PoS consensus mechanism (including DPoS, NPoS, etc.) blockchain. Let's keep on advancing toward this goal.

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