PNUT-WBNB Liquidity Mining and PNUT Migration Guide

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Peanut v2 launches into its final phase. PNUT will start to migrate at 9:00 tonight (UTC+8), and Peanut Farming (Stake PNUT-WBNB mint PNUT) will officially start at 9:00 tomorrow night (UTC+8).

01 About Peanut Community (BSC Network)

Yesterday, the Peanut committee has created the Peanut Community on Walnut as the official platform for Peanut v2. The relevant data are as follows:

  • Peanut v2 will be officially launched at the BSC block height of 15,999,000(Expected March 10, 2022). At that time, Peanut v2 will open the delegate SP minting PNUT (BEP20).
  • When Peanut Community was created, BSC was at a block height of 15,553,350
    • Between the creation of Peanut Community and the launch of Peanut v2, the number of PNUT minted on Tron is 2,451,075
      • Current PNUT minting rate - 5.5 PNUT/block
      • Before Peanut v2 launches, minted PNUT=(15,999,000-15,553,350)*5.5=2,451,075
  • When BSC is at block height 15,553,350, the circulation of PNUT is 93,517,067
    • Calculation formula=149,354,831 - 50,000,000 - 5,837,764
    • 149,354,831 —— total minted PNUT at the current block height
    • 50,000,000 —— PNUT total destruction amount
    • 5,837,764 —— The passive lock-up amount when Peanut was upgraded for the first time

Therefore, when Peanut Community was created, the pre-mined amount of PNUT (BEP20) was 95,968,142 (93,517,067+2,451,075), which have all been transferred to the PNUT cross-chain migration account (0x3CC91FF83489617C506714bE17cC3aB0B5C27A1E), which will be used for PNUT (TRC20) cross-chain migration to PNUT (BEP20) ). Relevant data can be viewed in the Peanut Community.


02 PNUT cross-chain migration to BSC

PNUT cross-chain migration has been officially tested. Starting from 9:00 tonight (UTC+8), you can migrate PNUT (TRC20) to the BSC network with one click through the following operations.

A. PNUT (TRC20) Cross-chain Migration Guide

1.Enter Peanut V1:

Click「Announcement」-「Go to Swap」。


2.Connect your TronLink wallet, enter your BSC network address, enter the transfer amount, and click 「Swap」 to authorize the wallet.


3.Open the Metamask wallet, tap "Import Tokens", enter the PNUT (BEP20) contract address (0x705931A83C9b22fB29985f28Aee3337Aa10EFE11), tap "Add Custom Token" to see the PNUT you just migrated across the chain.


B. PNUT (TRC20) Cross-chain Migration in November

Since PNUT has undergone cross-chain migration in two ways in November 2021, such cases will be handled separately.

B1 PNUT for direct migration of cross-chain contracts

For PNUT (TRC20) to be directly converted into PNUT (BEP20) account through cross-chain migration contract, the new PNUT (BEP20) will be airdropped to your BSC network account according to your holdings 1:1.

B2 PNUT for cross-chain migration via Nerve

  1. Open the link:

  1. Click「Connect to Web3


  1. Fill in the following information in the fourth method “increaseAllowance”:
    a. spender: 0x027F39dBcfAD5ca482eDd608D9De8b379043Be70 (fix the contract address)
    b. addedValue: Multiply your PNUT (0x0d66aB1bb0D3E71211829c6D920eF933b8FE5122) balance by 1000000, you can only fill in an integer, or you can directly fill in 100000000000000
    c. Click write to complete the signature


  1. Open the following link, click “Connect to Web3”.

  2. Fill in the number of PNUT you need to transfer in the third method “exchange”: the value here is the number of PNUT you need to transfer multiplied by 1000000. For example, if you transfer 10, fill in 10000000, if you transfer 348.1208993845, fill in 348120899.

    Note that only integers can be filled.

    Click “write”, sign the wallet, and later you can check whether the new PNUT (0x705931A83C9b22fB29985f28Aee3337Aa10EFE11) of the account has arrived.


03 PNUT-WBNB Liquidity Mining

PNUT-WBNB trading pair has been established, and you can freely trade on Pancakeswap. (

Peanut v2 will start the liquidity mining of PNUT-WBNB on February 27, 2022. The Pool generates 0.5PNUT per block, all of which will be rewarded to users who provide liquidity for the PNUT-WBNB trading pair. After the discussion of the Peanut Committee, PNUT of this part of the reward will be paid by the Peanut.committee account, and now Peanut Farming has been successfully created. Let’s start our Farming on the BSC network!


Peanut Community:

Peanut Farming:

Peanut v1:

Peanut Twitter:

• PNUT contract address (BSC Network): 0x705931A83C9b22fB29985f28Aee3337Aa10EFE11
• Peanut mine (BSC Network): 0x375F413690b9Bb1CAB13084332D72B46B7De8881
• Peanut DAO (BSC multi-sig): 0x0e370A76ee045a0bd7EF6c2c63E0e9b3B4d344B3
• Peanut committee (BSC Network): 0xfda39E378123124874308B590aFB281666c139B0

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  ·  6 months ago 

Good to hear that. However, I think migrating to the best layer-1 Defi network, Fantom Network would have been better off compared to BSC Network. Also,
a transactionn on Fantom requires just a single confirmation, meaning that as soon as a block is written to the chain, it is final and irreversible.

Fantom has also flipped the Binance Smart Chain to become the third-largest DeFi protocol in terms of total value locked.


Thank you very much. Let's talk about it, does Fantom have some ecological support for the new project?

  ·  6 months ago 

Of course, their is some sort of grants from "Fantom Network" itself for new projects, with some requirements to be met I guess. And I'm certain, Nutbox would surely be welcomed with open hands considering how your project is slightly different compared to the Defi platforms on Fantom Network.

Here is a link on how to apply for the grants:


Fantom Network is where the Defi Legend, Andre Cronje, the prolific coder and legendary DeFi founder best known for creating the yield optimization tool Yearn.Finance.
He has currently launch is own project on Fantom too called Solidly.